Vladimir Rumyantsev – Artwork, Bio and Analysis of the Russian Painter


Vladimir Rumyantsev was a Russian artist born in Cherepovets, Russia, on February 21, 1957. Vladimir started drawing at the tender age of 4 years, showing his artistic inclinations and prowess, which he subsequently pursued. Vladimir would go on to make a limelight-worthy career of this ability.

Rumyantsev moved to St. Petersburg in 1972 and enrolled in Art School, V.A. Serov.  He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg in 1976.

Vladimir Rumyantsev became an active member of the Russian Union of Artists in 1990. He has participated in many exhibitions across Russia. At least eight museums in the country display and preserve his works. In addition, Vladimir’s works are displayed in many private collections in the USA, Finland, UK, Germany, and other countries.

What is Vladimir Rumyantsev known for?

Vladimir is famously known for his watercolor paintings of cats. He was a renowned lover of cats, and the feline creatures were the primary characters of his paintings. Vladimir painted cats living in St. Petersburg, singing, walking on roofs, talking to angels, fishing, and simply living the good life. Vladimir communicated his love and optimism for life through his paintings.

What influenced Vladimir Rumyantsev’s paintings?

Vladimir Rumyantsev was influenced by his love and adoration for cats. These cats were the main characters in most of his paintings and he painted them in different scenarios engaging in day-to-day human activities.

Vladimir Rumyantsev’s artwork?

Vladimir died at the age of 62, but he leaves behind the legacy of his globally recognized watercolor paintings that exuded joy and irony. Below are some of his artworks:

Air balloon Traveling


Alexander Pushkin Greeting The Cat


Angel Over You


Cats Walking


Creating With Pushkin






Dreams Come True


Evening Tea Drinking


First Winter


Fishing Passion


Fishing Passion II


Flying Frog


Galaxy Cat


Gift To Master


God Its Me




Kind Angel


Life is Good


Life is Good II


Life is Good III


Loving My Master




March Dating


Petersburg Romance




Premonition Of Spring




Skies Song



Strawberry With Milk


Watching For Catch

White Nights in Petersburg