Free Online Art Tutorials (Step-by-Step)

Welcome to ArtLex’s Online Art Tutorials! Want to learn how to draw or learn how to paint? Now you can with this series of free drawing lessons, free painting lessons (coming soon!), with step-by-step instructions, screenshots, and video! Our tutorials are perfect for beginners or experts, kids or adults.

All Lessons come with Free Video Tutorials!

Each of our free art tutorials comes with a corresponding video tutorial that shows the exact process in an over-the-shoulder view of our artists instructors. So the techniques in action as our artist draws, detail, and colors a variety of projects. Use these videos for education or inspiration!

Drawing Lessons (Step-by-Step + Video)

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Painting Tutorials and Lessons

(Coming soon!)

We are working hard to bring you new painting tutorials, such as watercolor, pastel, acrylic, and oil painting.  Check back here soon or sign up to our email list to get updated as soon as they publish!