What Happened to ArtLex?

As you may know, ArtLex was the definitive art dictionary on the web, with a history dating back to 1996.

Unfortunately, the site was abandoned in 2016.  Loyal users saw “Webpage Unavailable” when trying to browse through it’s thousands of art terms.

However, after about 5 years, ArtLex is back!

It will take us some time, as we are fully revamping and rewriting our content, including working with several MA’s and PhD’s in art and art history to provide the most thorough and comprehensive art resource on the web.

It will take us some time, so please forgive our appearance!  Quality takes time, so please bear with us as we proceed to bring ArtLex back to its former glory.

Thank you!

ArtLex Mgmt.

admin [at] artlex.com