The 7 Best Chairs for Artists in 2023 (October)

Best Overall

DXRacer Chair

Perfectly suited for digital artists, designed for long hours of comfort, and known for its adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest.
Best Ergonomics

Steelcase Leap

An ergonomic masterpiece with advanced adjustability, known for the proprietary LiveBack™ technology that molds to your back.
Most Comfortable

Flash Furniture Drafting

An ideal drafting chair with a curved bottom for lumbar support and flip-up padded armrests for ultimate comfort.

The Best Chairs for ArtistsA proper artist chair is an essential part of an artist’s workflow. The chair an artist buys needs to be perfect in comfort, usefulness and durability. Office chairs and drafting chairs, along with your regular old desk chair, may fit the bill and be perfectly fine, but it can be hard to tell.

That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best chairs for artists and looking at the exact selection criteria artists will need to consider to make the best decision for their specific situation.

In our journey to find the best chairs for artists, we spent over 25 hours researching, testing, writing and editing this guide. We mainly focused on what are the things that define a good chair. We gathered information and created the selection criteria portion of the article. We later graded each of these products, 1 (worst) to 10 (best) in based on our selection criteria.

After the selection criteria, we recommended our picks for the best chairs for artists in specific use case scenarios. This will help readers to pick the most relevant chair for their situation.


How To Choose the Best Chair For Artists

best chair for artists

Since artists tend to sit in a chair for long hours, we prioritized the comfort and ergonomic health of the artist. The following selection criteria exemplify that and will help artists to find the right chair for their situation.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar is a fancy word that means “lower back”, or the part of a human spine where the spine’s natural curvature vaults forward. Any ergonomic chair will need to have sufficient support of this lumbar region, and its critical for artists as they may spend long hours sitting and perfecting their work.

Lower back support depends on a couple of things. Your body figure and what you feel comfortable in play a more significant role here. Because if you have a slightly curvy stature, then you’ll need a deep lumbar cushion. But If your body stature is average, then we recommend chairs with at least slight curvature to support your spines natural curve.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss chairs with various kinds of lower back support, including bottom curved lumbar and mesh curved lumbar supports.


The backrest is the part of your chair that supports your entire back (upper and lower) while seated. A chair with a good backrest promotes ideal posture if you stay sitting for a long time. In addition, a good backrest supports the natural posture of your spine.

The ideal backrest of a chair for artists have a height of about 26 inches to accomodate over 95% of heights. It’s better if the chair has a slight curvature to support the natural spine curve. Moreover, if the backrest is adjustable it adds tremendous value to the chair.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing chairs that have backrest heights between 20.2 and 26 inches.


Fabric is the material that covers the seating portion and the resting portion of artist chairs. If the fabric isn’t breathable, it causes a sense of discomfort to the artist, especially for those seated for extended periods.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a chair does the chair passes air well enough. But among all the fabrics, mesh leather provides the most breathability. Other materials such as Vinyl, Faux Leather, and Fabric are suitable too.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing chairs that offer fabrics such as Light mesh, bonded faux leather, and heavy mesh.


Adjustability refers to the ability to adjust your chairs to your comfort. While shopping for chairs, you’ll find out that most chairs will either come in fixed or have various ways to be adjusted ( Height, Base).

For ease of understanding, we can split this section into two parts

  • Height
  • Swivel Base

Seat Height

Height is the most critical adjustability option that a chair needs to have as everyone’s height is different, and the chair needs to be adjusted as such.

For a healthy posture, seat height should be between 16 to 21 inches off the floor. This allows the user to have their feet flat on the floor, which is the preferred ergonomic posture. It would also ensure that their arms are even compared to the height of the desk. All this together would provide a healthy posture.

In today’s article, the chairs we’ll be discussing can have their heights adjusted between a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 23 inches off the ground.

Swivel Base

The swivel base provides stability and ease of movement, so your chair must have a solid swivel seat for it to be an acceptable artists chair. Without a solid base, your chair might face issues such as uneven movement and instability, which can make drawing or working on other art forms very tedious.

An ideal swivel seat should be large enough and not too bulky. In addition, it should pass stress tests like the ANSI bifma tests to prove durability. Furthermore, the material needs to be either plastic, steel, or aluminum. Most office chairs from high quality manufacturers will be a solid swivel chair.

In today’s article, our recommended chairs have all of the necessary factors mentioned above.


Armrests are an essential portion of an office chair. It allows the artist’s arms to rest after a busy work session. It also allows the body to stay aligned with the rest of the body parts.

Ideally, your armrests should be adjustable. It should be spacious enough to rest your arms and elbow on the armrest properly. If you’re going for a chair with pivoting armrests, then be sure that the armrest has a minimum of 15-degree tilt support.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing chairs that have various kinds of armrests. These armrests range between being as simple as a plastic armrest and advanced as a 90-degree flip mesh armrest.


The price of a chair is perhaps the most critical selection criteria of them all. While we can’t pinpoint the exact costs as they may change due to stock availability and other reasons, we can provide general ranges.

We can divide the prices into three sections, they are

  • Low- $100<
  • Medium- $100-$150
  • High- $150>

Considering all of the selection criteria, we can safely say that the Flash Furniture Drafting Chair is the best overall office chair for artists at the moment. However, we also have several other recommendations for specific situations that might fit your needs more precisely.


Our Product Recommendations

  1. Best Chair for Artists Overall – DXRacer Chair
  2. Most Ergonomic Chair for Artists – Steelcase Leap Chair
  3. Best Drafting Chair for Artists – Flash Furniture Drafting Chair
  4. Best Artist Chair for Neck Support – Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
  5. Best Artist Chair For Art Students – AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft
  6. Best Budget Artist Chair – Best Office Mesh Chair
  7. Best Art Chair For Back Pain – Modway Edge Mesh Chair

#1. Best Chair for Digital Artists – DXRacer


Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Adjustable Lumbar Cushion
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Backrest – 33 inches
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Fabric – Breathable Mesh Fabric Seat
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Adjustability – Adjustable Tilt and Height
    • Our Score – 8/10
  • Armrests – Non Adjustable
    • Our Score – 7/10
  • Price – ~$300 to $400
    • Our Score – 8/10

About the DXRacer Chair

Gamers may recognize the DXRacer brand, it’s a very popular option for video game enthusiasts and has gained popularity with gamers through video game streaming platforms like Twitch.

The DXRacer gaming chair is made specifically for use with computers for long hours.  This fact makes it a great option for digital artists and anyone else that spend extended periods on the computer/laptop.

DXRacer is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind.  The chair is encased in breathable mesh fabric, allowing for cool air flow.  The the adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest cushion have become a recognizable feature of the DXRacer brand.

Most importantly to consider is that DXRacer offers several different models for different heights and weights.  Consider this snippet from the DXRacer website:

“The most important thing is body type, height/weight. DXRacer innovatively put forward the “size concept” of the chair so that people of different body types can have seats tailored to them. Standard Size is cut out for most people up to a body height of 6’1″ and a bodyweight of max 220lbs. People with a height of up to 6’6″ and a weight up to 275lbs will feel comfortable in a Max size chair. Plus Size is made for people whose bodyweight is above 275lbs.”

Be sure to keep the different size factors in mind when making your purchase.


  • Designed for long hours at the computer.
  • Ergonomic headrest and lumbar support.
  • Hundreds of thousands of hours by gamers has DXRacer is one of the most popular brands.


  • Doesn’t have adjustable arm rests.

#2. Most Ergonomic Chair for Artists – Steelcase Leap Chair

steelcase leap chair

Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Height and firmness adjustable.
    • Our score – 10/10
  • Backrest – 25 inches, with LiveBack(TM) Technology
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Fabric – Buzz2 Fabric and proprietary cushions
    • Our score – 10/10
  • Adjustability – Most Adjustable Chair on our list
    • Our score – 10/10
  • Armrests – Fully adjustable Armrests
    • Our score – 10/10
  • Prices – ~$1,400
    • Our score – 7/10

About the Steelcase Leap Chair

Steelcase has been a leader in the ergonomic industry for some time. As a publicly traded company, it’s invested in proprietary technology to set it’s chairs apart from the competition. Examples include the Natural Glide (TM) technology for easy reclining, LiveBack(TM) technology that adjusts to your backs curvature, even as it changes, as well as proprietary fabric and seat cushion innovations.

Pretty much the entire chair is adjustable, not only the seat height, but also multiple dimensions of adjustability for arm rests and lumbar/back support.

Possibly the only downside is the price. It’s priced at a very high premium compared to the market. However, if you have concerns of back pain, or long hours sitting at the drafting table, this might be the right chair for you.


  • A leader in the ergonomic space.
  • Proprietary innovations in reclining, fabric and cushions.
  • Fully adjustable (seat height, recline, back support and armrests).


  • A premium price.

#3. Best Drafting Chair for Artists – Flash Furniture Drafting ChairFlash Furniture Drafting Chair


  • Lumbar Support – Curved Bottom
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Backrest – 24.5 inches
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Fabric- Breathable Mesh Leather seat
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Adjustability – Adjustable Footrest, Tilt and Height
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Armrests – Flip-Up padded armrests
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Price – $150
    • Our Score – 9.5/10

About the Flash Furniture Drafting Chair

The Flash Furniture Drafting Chair is our pick for the overall best chair for artists. This chair looks stylish, has various color options, is very comfortable, and score high across the board on our selection criteria.

The first thing that anyone will notice is its bent shape. Thanks to this shape, this chair is excellent for posture maintenance. In addition, the backrest is very spacious, so even the bulkiest of people can sit comfortably at the drafting table for extended periods.

This drafting chair is made using ideal materials. The fabric, for example, is mesh leather which allows the air to flow through easily. Dual wheel casters are designed for ease of movement, but also stability.

The chair seat is set at a minimum of 23 inches off the floor. Finally, the base is made with heavy-duty plastic so that it won’t decay anytime soon.


  • The seat and back have good airflow.
  • The chair has an ideal shape for maintaining a healthy posture.
  • It’s made with heavy-duty material.
  • Fully adjustable to make yourself as comfortable as possible.


  • Some people might feel that the chair is tilted downwards slightly.

#4. Best Artist Chair for Neck Support – Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Slightly Curved Bottom
    • Our score – 8.5/10
  • Backrest – 25.6 inches
    • Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Fabric – Breathable Mesh Leather seat
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Adjustability – 21 inches off the floor, Chrome Footrest, Heavy Duty plastic base
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Armrests – Foldable plastic armrests
    • Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Price – $200
    • Our Score – 8.5/10

About the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The next chair on our list is the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office chair. It’s a nice ergonomic alternative to the Steelcase, at a much lower price.

The Gabrylly chair has one of the bigger backrests on our list. For this, it’s also one of the more spacious chairs on this list. The lumbar support isn’t too curved, but it’s curved enough to maintain a healthy standard.

This chair has foldable plastic armrests. So even if you don’t use them, you can fold them up and put them away. Also, the seat won’t get hot up and uncomfortable after some time with its breathable mesh.


  • The spacious backrest offers the person seating comfortability.
  • A strong footrest and base ensure better durability of the chair.
  • Seat height and tilt tension can be adjusted quickly.


  • Not suitable for taller people.

#5. Best Artist Chair For Art Students – AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft

AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft

Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Soft Plain Back with Cushion
    • Our score – 8/10
  • Backrest – 24.2 inches
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Fabric – Bonded Faux Leather seat and back
    • Our score – 8.5/10
  • Adjustability – 18 inches off the floor, Caster wheelbase
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Armrests – Fixed Padded armrests
    • Our score – 8.5/10
  • Price – $75
    • Our score – 10/10

About the AmazonBasics Classic Puresoft

Soft chairs are very comfortable to sit on, and such a chair is the AmazonBasics Puresoft chair. It’s great for the students who are looking to get a good deal in a chair. The price is excellent, and the chair is comfortable with decent selection criteria scores.

The first thing about this chair is it’s very soft, which is both good and bad. So it’ll be very comfortable to sit on, but at the same time, you can’t sit on it for a stretch.

Despite being a low-priced chair, the adjustability options are solid, with height and tilt both adjustable.


  • Very soft and comfortable to sit on.
  • Spacious Back Support.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • Not ideal for sitting for a long time as the chair consumes body heat.

#6. Best Budget Artist Chair – BestOffice Mesh Chair

BestOffice Mesh Chair

Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Curved Mesh
    • Our score – 8.5/10
  • Backrest – 20.2 inches
    • Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Fabric – Heavy Mesh seat and back
    • Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Adjustability – 20 inches off the floor, Aluminum base
    • Our Score – 9/10
  • Armrests – Fixed Plastic armrests
    • Our Score – 8/10
  • Price – $55
    • Our Score – 10/10

About the BestOffice Mesh Chair

If you’re looking to buy a chair cheaply, then the Chair from Best office is the best deal anyone can grab at the moment. This chair comes with decent scores across the board and at a very lucrative price.

This chair is pretty simple, and this is expected as it’s a reasonably low-priced chair. The back of this chair is slightly curved and mesh, so the lumbar support is good enough. On the other hand, the breathable mesh ensures that the seat and back don’t get hot after hours of sitting.

Despite being a reasonably low-priced chair, this chair has a solid aluminum base. Due to the firm base, the chair can hold up to 250lbs weight at once. It also has a commercial class 3 lift, so height or tilt adjustment is effortless. And the best part is all of this comes at just $54.


  • Very affordable price.
  • The chair has a solid industrial class build.
  • Tension control is easy thanks to 360 Degree Swivel & Casters.


  • The plastic armrest can be a bit slippery if you sweat.

#7. Best Art Chair For Back Pain – Modway Edge Mesh Chair

Modway Edge Mesh Chair

Selection Criteria

  • Lumbar Support – Curved Bottom
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Backrest – 26 inches wide
    • Our score – 9.5/10
  • Fabric – Breathable Light Mesh seat and back
    • Our score – 9/10
  • Adjustability – Height and tilt, flippable arm rests
    • Our Score – 7.5/10
  • Armrests – Flippable, mesh padded
    • Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Price – $184
    • Our Score – 9/10

About the Modway Edge Mesh Chair

The final chair that we’ve picked today is the Modway Edge Mesh chair, and this chair is particularly great for those with back pain. This chair helps maintain a good posture and is comfortable to sit on. This chair also has excellent selection criteria scores in all sections.

Those who have back pain know how hard it is to sit for a long stretch. This chair helps them solve this issue by helping to maintain a healthy posture. The mesh back and seat let air pass quickly and hold the seat comfortably for a more extended period.

The build of this chair is very durable and will last very long if handled with care. The Two-Tone Base system is the reason behind this, as the chair is built on a dual base system. The armrests can also be flipped up to 90 degrees whenever needed.


  • Great for people with back pain because of the lumbar support.
  • Breathable mesh fabric provides a comfortable sitting experience.
  • Very durable build with the two-tone base setup.


  • The armrests can be slightly irritating to the skin because of the sharp mesh fabric.


This concludes our buying guide for the best chairs for artists. Finding a high quality desk chair or drafting chairs for artists can be very difficult, especially shopping online. While everyone knows the basic swivel chair with dual wheel casters that sits in every office, it’s hard to know whether this is a good choice as a drafting chair.

This article explained the main points to look when buying a chair for artists, as well as gave recommendations of the best chairs for various real-life use cases, to help make that online shopping experience a little easier.

In the first half of the article, we explained why factors such as lower back support, backrest size, seat height and seat depth , as well as fabric considerations all mattered when evaluating artist chairs. Then, we discussed each selection criteria in detail and informed the readers about what is needed to keep an eye out for in each selection criteria.

After that, we gave out our best recommendations based on real-life scenarios, such as the best chair for offices or the best chair for back pain. Because of this, the readers will have an easier time understanding what they need and eventually landing on the most comfortable, ergonomic chair for their artistic endeavors.