The 5 Best Metal Photo Prints Companies in 2021

Choosing the best metal print company can seem intimidating, but before deciding on which metal print company to choose from, ensure they meet the following criteria– they use ChromaLuxe panels, have a variety of photo mounts, can print larger sizes, and offer competitive pricing options.

What are Metal Prints?

Metal prints are photos infused on a metal surface, usually aluminum, using a dye sublimation process to print the image. Unlike a canvas print, metal prints are resistant to water and scratches, making them useful for indoor or outdoor displays. The best metal printing companies offer various image service options, use high-quality metal, and have excellent customer service.

Fun fact: Metal prints have up to four times more image stability than photo paper that is silver-based. They are also waterproof and scratch-resistant.


Types of Metal Prints

The right company will offer various aluminum prints like those outlined below, custom sizing options, and a variety of photo mounts like a frame mount or back frame mount.

Brushed Aluminum Prints

Infusing images with a silver base metal allows the silver to shine through while reducing the colors in the image and can either be called brushed metal printing or a brushed aluminum print.

Glossy Finish

A glossy layer adds shine to an image. This finish comes in sheer gloss, mid-gloss, or high gloss options.

Epoxy Prints

These prints infuse a layer of high gloss epoxy onto a brushed aluminum print base. This adds a glossy layer to the brushed metal image.

HD Prints

HD prints are created using dye-sublimation and ChromaLuxe, the industry standard for producing vivid images guaranteed to last decades under the proper care.

Our Top Metal Print Company Picks

1. Best Overall Metal Print Company – Pictorem Metal Prints

Metal Photo Print from Pictorem

  • Price – ~$93 (Was $155) – Our score: 9/10
  • ChromaLuxe – Yes – Our score: 10/10
  • Variety of photo mounts – 100+ – Our score: 9/10
  • Largest size –  up to 96×60-inches – Our score: 10/10

Of all the metal print companies we evaluated for this guide, Pictorem came out as the best overall.  We absolutely love Pictorem, with its variety of printing options, including custom metal prints in different shapes and sizes from round or rectangle to murals or wall art (excluding HD prints).

PRO TIP: Metal prints aren’t the only option, Pictorem also tops our lists for the top canvas prints and acrylic prints companies!

They also use the highest quality inks that are resistant to water and UV rays, making them perfect for outdoor displays. Their HD prints use dye sublimation and are produced through ChromaLuxe, a company known for having the best HD prints. In addition, Pictorem also offers canvas prints and acrylic prints.

Pictorem’s epoxy metal prints are also of the highest quality. They use a high gloss layer over a brushed aluminum frame that gives the silver an extra shine and adds another layer of protection.

What’s more, their floating frames collection offers dozens of options, including back float mounts and a frame box. We all know the final decision boils down to price, and Pictorem provides a variety of competitive prices and usually has promotions for up to 40% off with free shipping in North America.


  • Uses 1200 dpi resolution
  • Great customer service
  • Can print larger prints, like a bay photo, mural, or wall art
  • All substrates are made from recycled materials
  • Museum-quality materials, ideal for art gallery exhibits or home decor


  • Does not have free shipping outside of North America

2. Most Affordable Metal Photo Print Company – Canvas Champ

  • Price – ~$54.30 (24×36”) – Our score: 8/10
  • Chromalux – Yes – Our score: 10/10
  • Variety of photo mounts – 25+ – Our score: 9/10
  • Largest size – up to 24×36-inches – Our score: 8/10

When looking for a company with the reputation to back up its products, look no further than CanvasChamp. This company offers incredibly competitive discounts, like a whopping 87% off on some prints and other promotions offering up to 60% off all metal prints. Their metal printing services include sepia or grayscale images, along with the standard original images.

Additional features include mount services like a back or front mount, an easel mount or traditional framing styles. Print options include brushed aluminum, epoxy metal prints, wall displays, photo collages, or mosaics, among other prints.


  • The Better Business Bureau gave Canvas Champ an “A” rating
  • Does offer metal prints for highly discounted prices


  • Can’t print larger prints

3. Most Creative Metal Prints – Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Logo

  • Price – ~$99.65 (20×24”) – Our score: 8/10
  • Chromalux – Yes – Our score: 10/10
  • Variety of photo mounts – 80+ – Our score: 9/10
  • Largest size – 48×96-inches – Our score: 9/10

Bay photo labs use innovative photographic printing techniques with dozens of customizable options. They are one of the few metal printing companies that offer curved metal prints and what’s called a “double float” print, that is, two images mounted on a Gatorfoam float mount that makes the photo appear to float. They also offer 14 floating frame options for their double float prints alone and over 80 different handcrafted frames, from bamboo and barn wood to modern or ornate frames.

Bay Photo also offers acrylic metal prints that are presented on large posts with the option of adding ½-inch or ¼ inch acrylic coatings for added protection. In addition, they have over 34 different shapes and 18 size choices that include heart-shaped, triangles, and flower shapes. Lastly, this company offers six different finishes on their metal photo prints.


  • Have the largest custom size options
  • Fast production time
  • Excellent customer service
  • Offers curved or double-float metal prints
  • Excellent for home decor or professional presentations


  • Shipping isn’t free

4. Best High-Definition Metal Print Companies – Chromalux HD Metal Prints Company

Chromaluxe Logo

metal print from chromaluxe

  • Price – Varies – Our score: 8/10
  • Chromaluxe – Yes – Our score: 10/10
  • Variety of photo mounts – Handful – Our score: 8/10
  • Largest size – 96×60” – Our score: 9/10

About Chromeluxe

While customers order through third-party partners, ChromaLuxe provides the industry standard for all HD metal prints. HD metal images produced by ChromaLuxe are guaranteed to last longer due to the high-quality inks they use. The extra cost for these HD metal prints is well worth it for the practically flawless image results.

Professionals will appreciate their team of designers and photographers who provide more information about their cutting-edge printing techniques. Further, the gallery page on their website inspires with seemingly unlimited possibilities of metal prints from tabletops to dry erase boards.


  • Materials are 100% recyclable
  • Ships internationally with offices in Europe, the USA, and Australia


  • Must go through third-party partners to order (hint hint: Pictorem!)

5. Best Display Options Metal Print Company – metal print

  • Price – ~$109.15 (20×24”) – Our score: 8/10
  • ChromaLuxe – Yes – Our score: 10/10
  • Variety of photo mounts – Dozens – Our score: 9/10
  • Largest size – 48×96-inches – Our score: 9/10

About is another high-quality printing company offering one of the widest variety of display options for home decor. Options include a metal easel, acrylic, or bamboo stands and more traditional frames options such as inset, flush, or a back frame mount. In addition, their wall art section provides over ten types of wall-size art with an additional 60+ sizes, and dozens of different styles. is the right company to choose from when looking for wall displays, a variety of home decor framing and display options, or even metal Christmas ornaments. They are currently offering 25% off the first order when you create an account with them.


  • Provide a range of display options
  • Specialize in metal prints
  • Offer competitive prices
  • Includes high-performance EXT metal for added protection on outdoor prints


  • They don’t ship internationally
  • Shipping can be expensive within the US


This wraps up our guide to the best metal print services. Not only have we discussed how you could identify different kinds of metal printing companies, but we’ve also shared our recommendations in various contexts.

We’ve discussed how you can choose the best metal printing services and why using ChromaLuxe, offering various photo mounts, competitive pricing, and large size printing options are key deciding factors. We’ve outlined them thoroughly to help you understand them easily.

Lastly, we’ve combined our recommendations for buying metal photo prints in different situations. So whether buying the best epoxy metal print, best HD quality image, or the best customizable metal print, we’ve discussed it all.

Thanks for reading; we hope our suggestion helps you decide on the best metal print company for your next printing project.



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