Tessa Spencer Pryse – Artwork, Bio And Analysis Of The British Impressionist Artist

Tessa Spencer Pryse

Tessa Spencer Pryse is a British impressionist artist best known for her use of light and landscapes. Pryse received a scholarship from the Byam Shaw Art School when she was 17 years old. Prior to Pryse’s art study, she attended various schools in rural Wales, France, and Switzerland. Born in Wales in 1939, Pryse moved to Wivenhoe, Scotland in 1991. In 1987, Pryse became an elected member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Tessa met her husband in the Byam Shaw Art School and the two have two children.


What Does Tessa Spencer Pryse Paint About?

Tessa Spencer Pryse paints how light dances in her oil and watercolor paintings. As a child growing up in various places such as Switzerland, Wales, and France, Pryse has always been fixated with pools of light moving across rooms and how it makes surfaces change color. Early on she promised to be a painter in order to convey her passion for tone, color, and light.

Who Was Tessa Spencer Pryse Influenced By?

Tessa Spencer Pryse was influenced by Renaissance artists as well as Rembrandt. Using high-quality oil color to paint, Pryse’s preferred canvas is oil-primed to allow pigments to build up. Consequently, pigments such as white lead and larch resin lead to the luminosity evident in her paintings,


What Art Movement Is Tessa Spencer Pryse

Associated With?

The art movement Tessa Spencer Pryse is associated with is Impressionism. Her preference to work outdoors and produce en plein air painting is aligned with Impressionism’s focused attention to atmosphere and light. Pryse’s sensitivity to nature’s forces combined with her skillfully controlled palate allows her to immortalize light and shade over a broad landscape or an intimate scene.



Tessa Spencer Pryse Artwork

Tessa Spencer Pryce has received the Oppenheim Award, the Daler Rowney Award for Best Oil Painting, and the Davis Slade Award. Her paintings have been widely exhibited in Britain and in different parts of the world. Below are a few of her creations.

“Hillside, Vaucluse in Spring”

“Hillside, Vaucluse in Spring” by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Fisherman Mending the Nets”

"Fisherman Mending the Nets" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“The Window, Provence”

"The Window, Provence" by Tessa Spencer Pryse



"Nude" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Venice, The Fishmarket”

"Venice, the Fishmarket" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Snowdrops at my Window”

"Snowdrops at my Window" byTessa Spencer Pryse


“Lambs in February Oil on linen”

"Lambs in February Oil on linen" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Anchor Hill, in the Snow Wivenhoe”

"Anchor Hill, in the Snow Wivenhoe" by Tessa Spencer Pryse



"Nasturtums" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Cherry Blossom, Le Barroux”

"Cherry Blossom, Le Barroux" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Sunflowers on the Table”

"Sunflowers on the Table" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Chamois Goats”

"Chamois Goats" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“The Harbour Fortrose”

"The Harbour Fortrose" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“The Air in the Mountains”

"The Air in the Mountains" by Tessa Spencer Pryse


“Skimming the Pool”

"Skimming the Pool" by Tessa Spencer Pryse