Maurille Prevost – Artwork, Bio And Analysis Of The French Impressionist Painter

Maurille Prevost was a French painter best known for her vividly colored landscape paintings. She studied classical painting and eventually received her degree from l’École des Beaux Arts. Afterwhich, Prevost began to paint the streets of Paris and was also able to develop her unique style.  Born in Paris in 1929, Prevost was a recipient of two European Gold Medals. She is currently no longer painting.


What Does Maurille Prevost Paint About?

Maurille Prevost paints about Paris streets and landscapes using a spectrum of color and light. Prevost actively utilizes vivid colors to create city scenes. The resulting work is a painting that dances in front of your eyes due to Prevost’s ability to manipulate and illuminate hues.


Who Was Maurille Prevost Influenced By?

Maurille Prevost was influenced by Monet, Manet, Degas, Cezanne, Cassatt, and Renoir. Considered the Masters of Impressionist School, their creativity aided Prevost to utilize bright colors in her landscapes. Her understanding of their work led her to develop her distinct artistic style.

What Art Movement Is Maurille Prevost

Associated With?

Maurille Prevost is associated with the art movement of Impressionism. The sensitivity she brings in her cityscape paintings reflects her understanding of this 19th-century art movement which features thin, small, and visible brush strokes. It also highlights the precise depiction of light and its constantly changing qualities.

Maurille Prevost Artwork

Maurille Prevost’s artwork has been exhibited in various countries such as Thailand, Japan, Italy, Washington D.C., New York, London, Los Angeles, and Vienna. Below are a few of her creations.


"Fleurs" by Maurille Prevost


“Window floral arrangement with Paris in the background”

"Window floral arrangement with Paris in the background" by Maurille Prevost


“Still life view of Notre Dame”

"Still life view of Notre Dame" by Maurille Prevost


“Parisian street scenes”

"Parisian street scenes" by Maurille Prevost


“Parisian Street

"Parisian Street" by Maurille Prevost


“French Village”

"French village" by Maurille Prevost


“Village Scene”

"Village Scene" by Maurille Prevost


“A harbour town”

"A harbour town" by Maurille Prevost


“Strolling down French Street”

"Strolling down French Street" by Maurille Prevost


“Parisian Cityscape”

"Parisian Cityscape" by Maurille Prevost


“White cat”

"White cat" by Maurille Prevost


“Still Life with a Tortoiseshell Cat

"Still Life with a Tortoiseshell Cat" by Maurille Prevost


“Still life of flowers and fruit”

"Still life of flowers and fruit" by Maurille Prevost


“French countryside”

"French countryside" by Maurille Prevost



"Gatuvy" by Maurille Prevost