Richard Emil Miller – Bio and Artwork of the American Painter


Richard Miller was an American Impressionist painter born on 22 March 1875 in St. Louis, Missouri. Richard drew and painted as a boy while serving as an assistant to portrait painter; George Eichbaum. In 1891, Richard enrolled to study art at the Washington University St. Louis School of Fine Arts and studied for five years. While at the university, Richard studied diligently under Halsey C. Ives and Lawton S. Parker.

Richard Miller worked as an illustrator for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, saving his income to continue his studies in Paris. Miller had won many awards and prizes at the Washington University and became the first beneficiary of the St. Louis School of Fine Arts Student Association’s scholarship to study in Paris. In Paris, Richard studied with other young artists at the Academie Julian from 1898 to 1901 and remained in France afterward.

Richard Miller made a name for himself as an art tutor, and his students followed him religiously. Richard met Harriet Adams, a painter, in Giverny in 1909 and married her soon after. Following the war, Miller moved back to Pasadena in the USA and taught art at the Stickney Memorial High School. He purchased a house in Massachusetts after the war ended and lived there until he died in 1943.

What was Richard Miller Known For?

Richard Miller is known for his decorative artwork of women posing in various settings. Miller painted young, attractive maidens relaxing in the garden or other places in the home. Miller used broken strokes and bold impressionist colours to bring the subjects of his paintings to life and please the viewer.

Who was Richard Emil Miller Influenced By?

Richard Miller was influenced by Frederick Frieseke, Miller’s friend since his days at the Giverny Colony of American Impressionists around Claude Monet’s estate. Frieseke was an impressionist painter who painted gorgeous young women relaxing in the sun, and Miller quickly adopted this style.

What Art Movement is Richard Miller Associated With?

Richard Miller is associated with the Impressionism Art movement.

Richard Miller Artwork

Richard Miller won numerous awards during his career, including honorary awards in Italy and France. Over the years, Miller’s paintings have been reproduced to feature in books addressing Impressionism Art Movement in America. Below are some of Richard Miller’s works


At The Vanity


Autumn Day


Cafe De Nuit


Chinese Statuette



Day Dreams


Female Nude


Girl With Guitar


Girl With Jewels




In The Garden




La Crinoline


La Toilette


La Veste Cinese






Miss V in Green


Morn Sunlight


Portrait Of Sheila McManus


Reading in the Garden


Reclining Nude




Reflections at the dressing table




Resting By the River Bank






Sewing by Lamplight



Spring- Open Window


String Artist



Summer Bather


Summer Morning




Sunny Morning


Sylvan Dell or Reverie


Tea Time


The Chinese Robe


The Necklace


The Necklace


The Red Scarf


The Milliner


Unknown Title


Virginia Matthews James


Woman By A Window


Woman In Blue Seated At A Window


Woman Looking In  A Mirror


Woman Seated At  A Dressing Table

Woman Sewing


Women on a Terrace, Giverny


Young Lady Sewing


Young Woman Sewing