Richard Sorrell – Artwork and Bio of the British Painter

Richard Sorrell

Richard Sorrell is a British best known for his artist aerial views, often based on maps or plans, which required meticulous research and consultation with experts. Born on September 24, 1948, in Thundersley, Essex, Sorrell studied at Walthamstow College of Art (1965-1966), Kingston College of Art (1966-1969), and the Royal Academy Schools from 1969 to 1972, where he trained under notable artists such as Peter Greenham, Roderic Barrett, Edward and Richard Bawden, and Fred Heyworth. Sorrell held memberships and prestigious positions in various art societies, including the Royal Watercolour Society, Royal Society of British Artists, and New English Art Club. He served as Vice President and later President of the Royal Watercolour Society. Sorrell currently resides in Cornwall, where he continues to create his unique and thought-provoking paintings. 



What Does Richard Sorrell Paint About?

Richard Sorrell paints figurative pictures. He captures people engaged in various activities and situations. Sorrell’s paintings often depict scenes of everyday life, exploring human interactions, emotions, and narratives. His work spans landscapes, portraits, still life, and aerial views. He is particularly interested in the appearance of things, including plants and animals, and his objective painting style captures their essence with precision.



Richard Sorrell Artwork

Richard Sorrell’s artwork, characterized by invented figurative compositions, has garnered attention and has been featured in exhibitions and documentaries. Below are a few of his creations.

“Cluster Dance”

"Cluster Dance" by Richard Sorrell


“After Lunch”

"After Lunch" by Richard Sorrell


“Walking down through the Town”

"Walking down through the Town" by Richard Sorrell


“Two Women in a Red Room”

"Two Women in a Red Room" by Richard Sorrell


“The Path to the Garden”

"The Path to the Garden" by Richard Sorrell


“The Chair by the Window”

"The Chair by the Window" by Richard Sorrell


“The Book”

"The Book" by Richard Sorrell


“Sunday Sundae”

"Sunday Sundae" by Sunday Sundae



"Sunset" by Richard Sorrell


“Three Ladies”

"Three Ladies" by Richard Sorrell


“A Funny Thing”

"A Funny Thing" by Richard Sorrell


“Small House Warming”

"Small House Warming" by Richard Sorrell


“Two Children and a Vase”

"Two Children and a Vase" by Richard Sorrell


“Two People on a Sofa”

"Two People on a Sofa" by Richard Sorrell


“Cycle Tour”

"Cycle Tour" by Richard Sorrell