Otto Pippel – Artwork and Bio of the German Painter

Otto Pippel was a German painter born on 10 February 1878 in Lodz, Poland, after his parents emigrated from Germany. In 1896, Pippel enrolled at the Strasburg School of Applied Arts but later halted his education to serve in the army. On his return, Otto continued his education, studying in Karlsruhe and at the Dresden Akademie.

Pippel traveled to Paris in 1909, where the Impressionist painters influenced him. In 1912, Pippel joined the group Luitpoldgruppe, with whom he exhibited his first artwork at the Munich Glaspalast. Otto was drafted into the army at the start of WWI, working as an interpreter in a camp. Pippel returned to his house in Planegg after the war and continued to paint.

Pippel frequently exhibited at the Galerie Brakl in Munich and won acclaim for his choice of motifs and techniques. Pippel’s works are in collections of the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus and the Städtische Galerie. Living out the latter part of his life in Planegg, near Munich, Pippel died on 17 May 1960.

What was Otto Pippel Known For?

Otto Pippel was known for landscapes, cityscapes, still-lifes, and interiors. Pippel used intense colors in his paintings and created a rough texture with his brushstrokes. Following the steps of Impressionist artists, Pippel interestingly represented light and movement. The Munich motifs are some of his most famous works.

Who was Otto Pippel Influenced By?

Otto Pippel was influenced by Gottard Kuehl, Lovis Corinth, and Max Lieberman. Kuehl, a German Impressionist painter, was Pippel’s instructor at the Dresden Akademie and influenced Pippel’s techniques and choice of subject matter. However, Corinth, Lieberman, Monet, and Renoir’s works influenced Pippel’s brushstrokes and use of color.

What Art Movement was Otto Pippel Associated With?

Otto Pippel was associated with the Impressionism art movement.

Otto Pippel Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Otto Pippel


The Timber House at the Pond



Early Spring in Heide



Evening Hour



Fish Market in Venice



Garden in Spring



Garden on lake Starnberg



In English Garden, Munich 



In the Bonbonniere



Large Dinner Table



Morning in Paris



Munich Beer Garden



Neptune Fountain



Portrait of General Raab



Portrait of General Raab’s Wiife



Potsdam Platz, Berlin






Santa Maria della Salute



Summer Landscape






Tea in the Garden



The Artists



The Beach 



The Hunt









View of the Watzmann Massif on a Sunny Summer Day