Christian Schad – Artwork and Bio of the German Painter


Christian Schad was a German Painter born on 21 August 1895 in Miesbach, Germany.  He was born into an affluent family, and his artistic talent was encouraged from a young age.  Christian experienced art and cultures from around the world in his childhood. In 1913, he enrolled at the Munich Art Academy but soon left to study in his studio.

Christian fled Germany for Switzerland in 1915 after the breakout of the war. His pacifist beliefs were unsupportive of fighting in the war. In Zurich, he became associated with a group of exiled artists who came together to form the Dada group. The following year, Christian joined, worked, and exhibited with the group until his return to Munich in 1920.

He spent the next few years between Italy, Germany, and Switzerland, developing his art style and commissioning paintings for the elite. In the late 1960s, Christian experimented with cameraless photography producing a series of photographs named Schadographs. He died on 25 February 1982 in Stuttgart, Germany.

What was Christian Schad Known For?

Christian Schad was known for his depictions of contemporary society. Christian was often intrigued by the vastness of personalities in society. His late-night outings with Felix Bryck influenced his use of lesbians, prostitutes, and aristocrats as subjects in his artworks. His artworks show keen attention to detail and a mastery of light, color, and shadows.

Who was Christian Schad Influenced By?

Christian Schad was influenced by Hans Arp and Alexander Archipenko. Christian’s most productive period came after his relocation to Switzerland to boycott serving in the war. In Zurich, he met with Hans Arp and other exiled artists who influenced his painting style in the Dada movement.

What Art Movement was Christian Schad Associated With?

Christian Schad was associated with the Dada and the New Objectivity movement.

Christian Schad Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Christian Schad

Agosta i Rascha



Appendectomy in Geneva


Baroness Vera Wassilko


Baroness Vera Wassilko


Bettina Schad




Dr Haustein





Imperial Countess Trinagi Taglioni








Mexican Girl


Portrait of an Englishwoman



Portrait of Eva Von Arnheim




St. Genois d’Anneaucourt



Woman from Pozzuoli