Kathy Kelly – Artwork and Bio of the American Artist

Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly is an American artist known for her comical cat drawings. Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Art Management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, IL. and has been creating cat-related artwork for 28 years. Besides producing “finicky feline” illustrations, Kelly creates cat calendars, tee shirts, framed prints, and magnets. Kelly wrote and illustrated the children’s book, “Jelly Bean’s Art Musem Adventure”. Kathy currently lives with her two cats Matty and Morah in Chicago.

What Does Kathy Kelly Illustrate About?

Kathy Kelly illustrates cats that have strolled into her life as well as cat stories told to her by fellow cat lovers. She has been placing these cat images on stationery products as well as matted framed prints and magnets. Her love for cats compelled her to create a Mom and Pop business targeted at cat fans.

Who Was Kathy Kelly Influenced By?

Kathy Kelly is influenced by her own Irish heritage as well as various cat stories and pictures sent to her by cat lovers.  Kelly is similarly inspired by all the cats she has met and has strolled into her life.

Kathy Kelly Artwork

Kelly has produced comical cats in various settings and situations. Below are a few of her works:

“Computer cat”

"Computer Cat" by Kathy Kelly


“Pumpkin Pals”

"Pumpkin Pals" by Kathy Kelly


“Holiday Surprise”

"Holiday Surprise" by Kathy Kelly


“Tail of Two Kitties”

"Tail of Two Kitties" by Kathy Kelly


“Crazy quilt cat”

"Crazy Quilt Cat" by Kathy Kelly


“Carbo Kitty”

"Carbo Kitty" by Kathy Kelly


“Garden Cat”

"Garden Cat" by Kathy Kelly


“Play Pals”

"Play Pals" by Kathy Kelly


“Bead Dazzled”

"Bead Dazzled" by Kathy Kelly


“2022 Cattails Calendar”

"2022 Kattails Calendar"by Kathy Kelly


“Holiday Helper”

"Holiday Helper" by Kathy Kelly


“Opus Kitty”

"Opus Kitty" by Kathy Kelly


“Who Me Kitty”

"Who Me Kitty" by Kathy Kelly


“Let’s Play Kitty”

"Let's Play Kitty" by Kathy Kelly


“Music Heart Kitties”

"Music Heart Kitties" by Kathy Kelly