Gerrit Gerrard Dou – Artwork and Bio of the Dutch Artist

Gerrit Dou was a Dutch painter born on 7 April 1613 in Leiden, Netherlands. Gerrit got his first art lessons from his father, a glass engraver and manufacturer. In 1628, fourteen-year-old Gerrit was sent to study painting under Rembrandt van Rijn. During the three years Gerrit spent in Rembrandt’s studio, he carefully studied and adopted the coloring and contrast style of his master.

Gerrit Dou left Leiden after his study and gradually developed a style independent of his former teacher. Gerrit achieved instant success in his career, establishing himself as a renowned artist at age eighteen. In 1635, the Swedish ambassador to the Dutch Republic paid Gerrit a sum every year for the right of first refusal of his most recent artworks. Many other dignitaries also acquired volumes of Gerrit’s paintings.

In 1640, Gerrit acquired a house on Korte Oud vest, where he lived and worked. On King Charles II’s restoration to the throne, the Dutch Republic included two of Gerrit’s artworks in the gift sent to the king in London. Additionally, Archduke Leopold William of Austria also acquired two of Gerrit’s artworks, a testament to his worldwide acclaim and recognition. Gerrit Dou died on 9 February 1675, leaving behind a reputable legacy and an estate worth 20,000 guilders.

What was Gerrit Dou Known For?

Gerrit Dou was known for his masterful use of color in his paintings. His first artworks were recognized for the influence of Rembrandt’s style in them. However, Gerrit’s success as an artist is due to his self-developed oil painting style. He used fresh and bright colors and paid close attention to details in creating paintings of domestic genre subjects.

Who was Gerrit Dou Influenced By?

Gerrit Dou was influenced by Rembrandt van Rijn, the Baroque painter who lived close to his family house. Rembrandt’s use of colors and application of light and dark contrasts influenced Gerrit’s early portrait paintings.

What Art Movement is Gerrit Dou Associated With?

Gerrit Dou is associated with the Baroque/Dutch Golden Age movement.

Gerrit Dou Artwork

Gerrit Dou painted with finesse and meticulousness, creating detailed, fine artworks. Below are some of his artworks:


A Girl Chopping Onions


A Lady Playing the Clavichord


A Mother giving her child the Breast


A Young Mother

A Young Woman at her Toilet

Cardplayers at a Candlelight

Grocer’s Shop

Officer of the Marksman Society in Leiden


Old Woman Reading A Bible



Portrait of a Couple in a Landscape

Self Portrait

The Night School

The Prayer of the Spinner


The Quack



Triptych Allegory of Art Training