Frank Frigyes – Artwork and Bio of the Hungarian Artist


Frank Frigyes was born in Budapest on 19 August 1890.  Frigyes’ father was a clerk, but he decided to become a painter. Frigyes’s formal training began at the Hungarian College of Fine Arts in 1908 where he was a student under Ede Balló, Aladár Illvi Aladár, and Tivadar Zemplényi. Frank then enrolled at the Munich Academy, studying under Angelo Frank between 1911 and 1914.

Frank Frigyes got married in 1920 to Frankel Margit, the woman who became the subject of many of his portraits. Frigyes’ first exhibitions of his work happened in 1911 when he exhibited in the Art Gallery and National Salon in Hungary.

Frank has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in France, Hungary, Germany, and Italy, and he has won many notable awards for his paintings. Frigyes won the Halid Izidor Award at the Art Gallery Winter Exhibition in 1916 and the Golden Degree of the Order of Merit in 1975.

What was Frank Frigyes Known For?

Frank Frigyes was known for his still-life paintings and portraits that he brought to life with vibrant brushstrokes and beautiful colors. The subjects of Frank’s paintings include himself, flowers in a vase, and his wife doing random poses-a character he called Mimi.

Who was Frank Frigyes Influenced By?

Frank Frigyes was influenced by his wife, the subject of several portraits he painted. Famous painters of the 1900s like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse also influenced Frank Frigyes’ exceptional work.

What Art Movement was Frank Frigyes Associated With?

Frank Frigyes is associated with the Post-Impressionism and Cubism art movements.

Frank Frigyes Artwork

Frank Frigyes continued painting until his death in October 1976. Below are some of Frigyes artworks:

Unkown Title


Still life on a Red Tablecloth


Flower Basket


Flowers In A Pitcher


Flowers In A White Vase


Flowers of the Summer




Kitchen Still Life


Lying Female Nude




Self Portrait With Hat


Self Portrait


Spring Still Life


Still Life with Flowers in a Blue Vase


Still Life With Flowers


Still Life With Margaritas


Still Life With Potatoes


Still Life Flowers