Duaiv – Artwork and Bio of the French Artist

Duaiv is a contemporary French artist and cellist born near the city of Bordeaux, France, on 26 July 1952. Duaiv showed talent and passion for art and music from an early age, completing his first oil painting when he was only nine. He played in front of the famous Cellist Pablo Casals at the Prade Festival at the same age. Recognizing his immense talent, Duaiv’s parents enrolled him in the Conservatory of Music and the School of Fine Arts in Paris, where he completed his formal education.

Duaiv did not come short in both his musical and artistic talents, making outstanding careers out of both. Duaiv has performed on numerous occasions as a cellist and also had several exhibitions of his paintings. Duaiv has received several accolades and awards for his artistic and musical vocations. He was granted the Lys D’or award in 2004 for his outstanding international career. Other awards include the Greci Marino from the Royal Academician and the European Foundation Prize.

Duaiv has held numerous exhibitions in the USA, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and France. He is also represented by art collectors and curators in Japan, Canada, and Australia. Duaiv moved to the USA in 2011 and has since lived and worked from there as a citizen.

What is Duaiv Known For?

Duaiv is known for his use of vibrant colors that allured the viewer into the moment of whatever scenery was the subject of a painting. Duaiv is also known and respected for his ability to make two parallel careers work.

Who was Duaiv Influenced By?

Duaiv was influenced at an early age by his father, who was a sculptor and a pianist. In addition, Duaiv was influenced by early Impressionist painters like Vincent Van Gogh and expressionists such as Franz Marc. Duaiv combined the techniques of both traditions in creating his unique style, one that he is famously recognized for.

What Art Movement is Duaiv Associated With?

Duaiv is associated with the Impressionist and Expressionist art movements.

Duaiv Artworks

Duaiv artworks included brightly colored paintings of sailboats, horse races, and landscapes. Some of them can be found below:

Unknown Title

Au Printemps

Unknown Title

Cheminde Gassin

Collines en Toscane


Coquelicots a Saint Tropez


Dans Les Fleurs

Douceur de la baie Italienne

Greek Island

Home on The Water

Uknown Title

Unknown Title

Les Levandes de Provence

Unknown Title

Impression Du Jardin

Italie Toujours

La Baie Bleue

La Crique Bleue

La Porte De Saint

La Bonne Table

L’alle Rose

Le Petit Moulin A Aube

Le Petit Pont De La Riviere

Le Pont Japonais Chez Monet

Panorama A Saint Tropez

Par La Fenetre

Paradis Sur Terre


Reve De Coquelictos

Roug a Mougins

Sanat Magarita

Toscane Magenta

Village Des Eygolieres