Emma Sandys – Artwork and Bio of the British Artist


Emma Sandys was a British painter born in Norwich, England, in 1843. Emma Sandys was the sister of the renowned painter Frederick Sandys. Emma’s first art lessons were given to her by her father and brother. However, little about the life of Emma Sandys was recorded, unlike her brother.

Emma Sandys remained in her birthplace, where she painted her famous portraits, occasionally traveling to her brother’s studio in London. She was a member of the Pre-Raphaelites, a group of British artists founded in 1848. According to the artwork dating, Emma created her first painting in 1863, and she subsequently exhibited widely in Norwich and London.

Emma Sandys gained popularity with her artworks, mainly because of their attention todetails. Emma’s works have been sold in auctions on several occasions and are currently displayed in museums all over the world.

Emma Sandys stopped exhibiting in 1874, three years before her death in Norwich, United Kingdom.

What was Emma Sandys Known For?

Emma Sandys was known for her finely-detailed portraits of children and women. Emma created her artworks using either oil or chalk, a combination of intense colors and a focus on details. The ladies in her paintings appear dressed in medieval clothing with emphasized embroidery and jewelry, complemented with a background of flowers.

Who was Emma Sandys Influenced By?

Emma Sandys was influenced by her brother Frederick Sandys, a fellow painter. Frederick, alongside his father, gave Emma her first art lessons. Frederick was also a member of the Pre-Raphaelites brotherhood. Dante Gabriel Rosetti, a co-founder of the brotherhood and Frederick’s friend, also impacted Emma’s artistic style.

What Art Movement is Emma Sandys Associated With?

Emma Sandys is associated with the Pre-Raphaelite art period.

Emma Sandys Artwork

Below are some of Emma Sandys’ artwork


A Fashionable Lady






Head of Emma


La Belle Jaune Giroflee



Lady in a Yellow Dress



Portrait of a Girl



Portrait of a Lady



Preparing for the Ball



Revealing her hand






Study of a head



The Garland