Gary Bunt – Artwork and Bio of the British Artist

Gary Bunt

Gary Bunt is a self-taught British painter. Gary was a farm laborer earlier in his career, and this reflects in his paintings of farmers’ scenes and landscapes in the countryside. Gary accompanied individual paintings with poetic compositions, employing his ability as a poet. Gary was born in 1957 in East Peckham, the United Kingdom. Gary currently lives in Tonbridge, United Kingdom, with his wife and two children.

Gary also read books about painting while learning the works of other painters such as William Scott and Christopher Wood. Gary started painting professionally in his 40s when he discovered he had cancer. Gary began to paint with freedom, showcasing the life of a farmer and his dog in the English countryside. Gary has stated that the farmer is a representation of him in old age he never thought he would reach.

When did Gary Bunt begin painting?

Gary Bunt worked as a laborer and a builder before taking up a passion for painting in his mid-20s. He painted watercolors of local scenes to sell for beer money. Gary would then sell a pair of nudes he had painted, displayed in the window of a local gallery.

What Does Gary Bunt Paint About?

Gary Bunt paints about life in the English countryside. Two prominent characters in his paintings are an old man and his faithful dog. The old man in the painting is a representation of Gary himself and he is shown in different locations across the countryside, through different seasons, relaxing or engaging in activities and surrounded by nature. Gary Bunt also accompanies some of his paintings with beautifully written poems and short verses.

Who Inspired Gary Bunt?

Gary has mentioned that he drew inspiration from the works of British artists such as Christopher Wood; who was a renowned painter, Stanley Spencer; who was popularly known for his paintings that depicted biblical scenes, and the Nicholsons; who was a still-life and portrait artist. Gary’s style is, to some part, a fusion of components from their works, yet it is unique in its own way.

What Art Movement is Gary Bunt associated with?

Gary’s contemporary artworks can be classified as Realism or Naturalism, styles that are distinguished by a detailed painting of everyday life in a naturalistic manner or in an almost photographic way.

Gary Bunt’s Artwork

Below are some of the works of Gary Bunt displayed in galleries all over the world

Where Sky Meets Sea by Gary Bunt
Where Sky Meets Sea
Wash Day On The Downs by Gary Bunt
Wash Day On The Downs
The Gate by Gary Bunt
The Gate
The Day Trip by Gary Bunt
The Day Trip
The Chapel by Gary Bunt
The Chapel
Study For Bert Smarrow by Gary Bunt
Study For Bert Smarrow
New Barmaid by Gary Bunt
New Barmaid
Man on a Hill by Gary Bunt
Man on a Hill
Lovers In A Park by Gary Bunt
Lovers In A Park
Lovely Day by Gary Bunt
Lovely Day
Love Catchers by Gary Bunt
Love Catchers
Love Catchers Swing by Gary Bunt
Love Catchers Swing
Love Catchers Fishing by Gary Bunt
Love Catchers Fishing
Love Catchers 20x30 by Gary Bunt
Love Catchers 20×30
Home by Gary Bunt
Happy Anniversary by Gary Bunt
Happy Anniversary
Green Valley by Gary Bunt
Green Valley
Fisherman's Wish by Gary Bunt
Fisherman’s Wish
Fish Chips by Gary Bunt
Fish Chips
Down by the Sea by Gary Bunt
Down by the Sea
Bloody Weather by Gary Bunt
Bloody Weather
Beach Combers Study by Gary Bunt
Beach Combers Study
A Windy Day by Gary Bunt
A Windy Day
A Rainy Day by Gary Bunt
A Rainy Day
3 O'clock by Gary Bunt
3 O’clock