Annie Puybareau – Artwork and Bio of the French Painter


Annie Puybareau is a French painter born in Paris, France, in 1955. Annie’s artistic talent manifested early, and her family recognized it. Shortly after the family moved to Normandy, she enrolled at the Rouen School of Fine Arts, where she studied under Robert Savery, a famous marine painter.

Fascinated by the works of Rouen school painters, an enthusiastic Puybareau travels everywhere with her painting tools, capturing moments as quickly as she gets inspired by them. Since 1986, she has participated in solo and group shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, France, and the USA.

Annie’s works, full of emotions, are widely recognized and have won several awards and honors, including the First Prize at the Alabama Coast Fair, the Excellence Prize at the Avignon Fair, and the Vermeil Medal from the French Academy of Arts, Sciences, and Letters. Puybareau is a member of the Salon des Artistes Français, and she continues to dazzle with her brush and paint.

What is Annie Puybareau Known For?

Annie Puybareau is known for painting figurative and marine scenes of the Seine and Normandy. A lover of nature painting, Annie fills her works with color, emotions, and a lively burst of light. Puybareau expresses feelings and excellent draftsmanship through her brush strokes and color schemes in her preferred easel paintings.

Who was Annie Puybareau Influenced By?

Annie Puybareau was influenced by Robert Savary, Eugene Boudin, and Claude Monet. All of these artists influenced Annie to paint marine scenes Plein air and use a rich palette of colors to convey beauty and emotions in her paintings. A similar application of brush strokes and representation of light is common to these artists.

What Art Movement is Annie Puybareau Associated With?

Annie Puybareau is associated with the Impressionism art movement.

Annie Puybareau Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Annie Puybareau.


Between Classes



Farniente in Tuileries



Field of Sunflowers



Garden in Tuileries



Good Fishing



Houlgate, Normandy






Les Kiosques



Promenade in Tuileries



Shanghai, Evening



Summer in Veulette






Tavern in Clecy



The Beach in Cabourg



The Sandcastle, Trouville



Tournelle Wharf









View of Rouen



Walk on the Bund Shanghai