Adolf Dietrich – Artwork and Bio of the Swiss Painter


Adolf Dietrich was a Swiss painter born on 9 November 1877 in Berlingen, Switzerland. Despite the early manifestation of Adolf’s talent, he was unable to properly pursue an art career due to the financial limitations of his family. Hence, he worked with his parents on the farm and in a textile mill. Dietrich practiced his drawing on Sundays, making use of improvised materials.

After many denied attempts at exhibiting his work, Dietrich exhibited his art for the first time in 1913 in Konstanz, Germany, as part of the New Objectivity movement. The success of the show won Adolf acclaim in Germany. His popularity increased after an art dealer, Herbert Tannenbaum, began representing him in 1916. Dietrich’s financial success in the following years enabled him to stop working menial jobs in 1924.

Dietrich attained international success between 1937 and 1938 when he participated in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition in New York and the Les maîtres Populaires de la réalité expo in Paris and Zurich. Adolf’s work was so famous that people would go into his home and sign on unfinished pieces to reserve them. He died on 4 June 1957 in his hometown, known as the Master Painter of Berlingen.

What was Adolf Dietrich Known For?

Adolf Dietrich was known for his excellent sense of detailing and color. Adolf mostly painted rural landscapes and animals, making his choice of subject from his environments. Through the masterful precision and realism applied in creating his artworks, Dietrich earned his title as the most successful Swiss Naive artist of his time.

Who was Adolf Dietrich Influenced By?

Due to Dietrich’s lack of formal training, there were no artists’ works with which he could develop his style. However, Adolf constantly informed his techniques by incorporating the advice of landscape painters who were passers-by. Dietrich draws inspiration from his fondness for nature and animals – the most recurring subjects of his work.

What Art Movement was Adolf Dietrich Associated With?

Adolf Dietrich was associated with the Naive art movement.

Adolf Dietrich Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Adolf Dietrich


Angora Guinea Pigs Family



Balbo Lying on the Lawn



Bunch of Fuchsias in a blue Vase



December Scene With Hunter



Early Spring in Berlingen



Flowering Cactus Snake



Kingfisher in Winter Landscape






Neighbor’s Garden in Autumn



Pair of Wrens



Saw Ducks in a Winter Landscape



Sinking of the Rheinfall



Sleeping Child



Spring on the Lake



Still Life with Asters



Still Life With Flowers 



Still Life With Salamander 



The Artist’s Father



Spring on the Lake



Winter Landscape



Winter Landscape