Anne Bachelier – Artwork and Bio of the French Painter

Anne Bachelier

Anne Bachelier is best known for her dreamlike paintings featuring fantastical creatures and magical realms. She was born in 1949 in Louvigne du Desert, France, and studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in La Seyne-Sur-Mer from 1966 to 1970. Bachelier gained her knowledge as an artist by exploring techniques such as working on silk and interior decoration for Dassault, before focusing on oil painting in 1989. She became a full-time artist after deciding to pursue a career in the arts and quickly gained international recognition. Anne Bachelier is currently working and living in Grenoble, France.

What Does Anne Bachelier Paint About?

Anne Bachelier paints metaphysical, dream-like fantasies that evoke powerful, peaceful and protective feelings in viewers. Bachelier challenges the viewer to become a part of the story of each painting. The themes of metamorphosis, transition, and evolution are consistent throughout Bachelier’s art, which serves as a conduit to a spiritual realm beyond the boundaries of the earthly plane. Her paintings feature symbolic gestures and enigmatic chimerical creatures that suggest otherworldly emissaries. Bachelier’s work is instantly recognizable, and her distinctive style captivates and transports viewers to a place of transformation and regeneration.

Who Was Anne Bachelier Influenced By?

Anne Bachelier was influenced by female surrealists of the 20th century, such as Leonor Fini, Remedios Varo, and Leonora Carrington. These artists paved the way for the Surrealist movement and challenged the traditional notions of gender and sexuality. Like their work, Bachelier creates a dream-like world inhabited by fantastical creatures and metaphysical landscapes that transcend the physical realm.

What Art Movement Is Anne Bachelier Associated With?

Anne Bachelier is associated with the Surrealist art movement, which emphasizes the exploration of the unconscious mind, dreams, and the fantastical. Her highly imaginative and dream-like paintings feature elements of magic, metamorphosis, and chimeras, often depicted in scenes inspired by the medieval world. Bachelier’s art also reflects a modern synthesis of the Rococo and the Surreal, blending classical techniques with her own unique and inventive style. Her paintings suggest emissaries from some spiritual realm beyond the scope and grasp of this earthly plane, making her a prominent figure in the contemporary Surrealist movement.

Anne Bachelier Artwork

Anne Bachelier’s artwork has been displayed in esteemed galleries and well-known group exhibitions globally, including private and collective exhibitions in cities such as Lyon, Brussels, and Paris. Below are a few of her creations:

“Ell Les Cache Dans Ses Ailes”

"Ell Les Cache Dans Ses Ailes" by Anne Bachelier


"Judith" by Anne Bachelier

“Le Masque De La Mort Rouge”

"Le Masque De La Mort Rouge" by Anne Bachelier


“Promenade Sur Un Fil D’or”

"Promenade Sur Un Fil D'or" by Anne Bachelier


“Alice with Cards”

"Alice with Cards" by Anne Bachelier


“Le Temps S’arrete”

"Le Temps S'arrete" by Anne Bachelier


“Sous le masque”

"Sous le masque" by Anne Bachelier


“Les Créatures Ensorcelées”

"Les Créatures Ensorcelées" by Anne Bachelier


“Dans le cercle magique”

"Dans le cercle magique" by Anne Bachelier


“Untitled Painting (Refusee For Bachelier)”

"Untitled Painting (Refusee For Bachelier)" by Anne Bachelier


“Untitled Watercolor”

"Untitled Watercolor" by Anne Bachelier


“Quand Il Faudra Partir”

"Quand Il Faudra Partir" by Anne Bachelier


“La duègne”

"La duègne" by Anne Bachelier


“Il serait une île”

"Il serait une île" by Anne Bachelier



 "Leda" by Anne Bachelier