Brenda Fox – Artwork, Bio And Analysis Of The American Artist

Brenda Fox

Brenda Fox is best known for painting icons which she began studying in 2003. Fox learned from various masters, including Russian iconographers. Eventually, Fox started teaching others how to paint icons in a retreat-like format. Fox also incorporates her experience as a board-certified art therapist into her teaching. She became a full-time artist after teaching others how to paint icons.

What Does Brenda Fox Paint About?

Brenda Fox paints icons, which are religious images that are used as objects of veneration in Eastern Christianity.

Who Was Brenda Fox Influenced By?

Brenda Fox was influenced by various Masters including several Russian Iconographers. Fox has visited the ancient churches and museums in Italy, Greece, and Turkey, all of which have a rich iconographic heritage that she incorporates into her work and painting style.

Brenda Fox Artwork

Fox’s icons hang in various churches, chapels, and private homes. Her works are sold at The Sacred Art Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ. She also paints on commission. Below are a few of her creations.

“Infant Jesus of Prague”

"Infant Jesus of Prague" by Brenda Fox


“The Agony”

"The Agony" by Brenda Fox


“Our Lady Of Guadalupe Icon”

"Our Lady Of Guadalupe Icon" by Brenda Fox


“St George and the Dragon”

"St George and the Dragon" by Brenda Fox


“Queen Esther”

"Queen Esther" by Brenda Fox


“St. Joseph”

"St. Joseph" by Brenda Fox


“Saint Brigid of Ireland”

"Saint Brigid of Ireland" by Brenda Fox


“St. Joan of Arc”

"St. Joan of Arc" by Brenda Fox


“Our Lady of Tenderness”

"Our Lady of Tenderness" by Brenda Fox



"Theotokos" by Brenda Fox


“The Visitation”

"The Visitation" by Brenda Fox


“St. Michael and the Dragon”

"St. Michael and the Dragon" by Brenda Fox


“Our Lady of Mount Carmel”

"Our Lady of Mount Carmel" by Brenda Fox


“The Holy Family”

"The Holy Family" by Brenda Fox


“Wedding at Cana”

"Wedding at Cana" by Brenda Fox