Stephen Darbishire – Artwork and Bio of the English Painter

Stepan Borodulin

Stephen J Darbishire is an English painter best known for his Lakeland landscapes, interiors, picnic scenes, and nudes. Darbishire was privately taught by his neighbor, artist Judith Da Fano. Stephen later received a scholarship from the Byam Shaw School of Art under Greenham and Garrard. Born in 1940, Darbishire initially dabbled in popular music until he focused his energy on creating artworks at the encouragement of his wife. Darbishire’s paintings earned recognition only in 1983 when he exhibited at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, The New English Art Club, The Royal Institute for Painters in Watercolours, and The Royal Society of British Artists. Darbishire currently lives in a 17th-century farmhouse in the English Lake District with his family.

What Does Stephen Darbishire Paint About?

Stephen Darbishire paints about life’s everyday moments, tranquility, and stunning landscape views through open doors and windows. Stephen’s outdoor nature scenes are picturesque in the same way his paintings of the sunlight are refreshingly stunning.  Darbishire similarly paints the beauty of England’s Lake District from where he lives.

What Was Stephen Darbishire Influenced By?

Stephen Darbishire is extremely influenced by the environment he lives in. Darbishire’s focus is on painting cottages and interiors of farmhouses.  Stephen deliberately chose to paint Langdale valley and Pikes as he believes the area represents the beauty of the landscape which he intimately knows.

What Art Movement Is Stephen Darbishire Associated With?

Stephen Darbishire’s paintings have recently been associated with the Impressionist Art Movement as his creations are seen as leaning toward a more focused color composition. Features of this movement are small brushstrokes that are visible and provide a subtle impression of form while highlighting how natural light is represented.

Stephen Darbishire Artwork

Stephen Darbishire is a senior member of the Royal Society of British Artists. He is also the President of the Lake Artist Society. A few of his works can be seen below:

“Hunting by Moonlight”

"Hunting by Moonlight" by Stephen Darbishire


“Early Morning Tarn Hows”

"Early Morning Tarn Hows" by Stephen Darbishire


"Unknown" by Stephen Darbishire



“Summer. Little Langdale”

"Summer. Little Langdale" by Stephen Darbishire


“Woodland Shade”

"Woodland Shade" by Stephen Darbishire



"Unknown" by Stephen Darbishire

“Bluebell Wood”

"Bluebell Wood" by Stephen Darbishire


“Love Letter”

"Love Letter" by Stephen Darbishire

“Coco Beach”

"Coco Beach" by Stephen Darbishire

“Port Andratx 12”

"Port Andratx 12" by Stephen Darbishire


“At the edge of the Wood”

"At the edge of the Wood" by Stephen Darbishire


“Fruit in an Olive Wood Bowl”

"Fruit in an Olive Wood Bowl" by Stephen Darbishire



“In the Birch Wood”

"In the Birch Wood" by Stephen Darbishire


“Sunday Morning”

"Sunday Morning" by Stephen Darbishire



“The Carpet Seller. Parikia”

"The Carpet Seller. Parikia" by Stephen Darbishire