René Jules Lalique – Artwork, Bio, and Analysis of the French Jeweller

René Jules Lalique

René Jules Lalique was a French master glassmaker and jeweller best known for his glass art and jewelry designs. Lalique apprenticed under Louis Aucoc in 1876, a leading goldsmith and jeweller in Paris. Rene’-Jules later studied at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Born on April 6, 1860 in France’s Marne region,  Lalique became a freelance jewelry designer for Cartier and Jacta, eventually becoming a full-time jeweller in 1885. In Paris, he launched his own workshop during the 1890s which lead to him becoming a much sought-after jeweller and glass artist.  Lalique died on the first of May, 1945,


What Does René Jules Lalique Make?

Lalique mainly makes small pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, brooches, and pendants using materials such as ivory, enamel, rock crystal, coral, and ivory. Lalique’s designs are frequently highlighted by elaborate flourishes and asymmetrical curves. Rene’-Jules’ glass creations bear the mark of his signature contrasted clear-and-frosted-glass style.

Who Was René-Jules Lalique Influenced By?

René Jules Lalique was primarily influenced by the female figure and considers the female form as his source of inspiration. As a child, his stay in the Champagne countryside with his maternal grandmother left a memorable impression on his imagination. Lalique’s influences also include flora and fauna.

What Art Movement Is René Jules Lalique

Associated With?

René Jules Lalique is associated with the Art Deco and Art Nouveau art movements. Lalique is considered one of Art Deco’s driving forces. Essentially, his jewelry designs reflected his Art Nouveau style while his glasswork, specifically the vases he created in his Wingen-sue-Moder factory, are representations of his Art Deco leanings.

René Jules Lalique Artwork

René Jules Lalique was able to mass-produce his work thus turning his creations into highly sought-after products. It also allowed him to receive the honor of being labeled as one of the world’s most celebrated glassmakers. Below are a few of his artworks.

“Réédition en cristal du vase Tourbillons créé en”

"Réédition en cristal du vase Tourbillons créé en" by René Jules Lalique

“Peigne Paysage soleil couchant”

"Peigne Paysage soleil couchant" by René Jules Lalique

“Parue Nus et Lys”

"Parue Nus et Lys" by René Jules Lalique

“Femme ailée en bronze”

"Femme ailée en bronze" by René Jules Lalique

“Broche Fée”

"Broche Fée" by René Jules Lalique


“Statuette Côte d’Azur”

"Statuette Côte d'Azur" by René Jules Lalique

“Veilleuse Deux Paons”

"Veilleuse Deux Paons" by René Jules Lalique

“Broche La Nymphe rose”

"Broche La Nymphe rose" by René Jules Lalique

“Fontaine Poissons”

"Fontaine Poissons" by René Jules Lalique

“Pendentif Quatre libellules”

"Pendentif Quatre libellules" by René Jules Lalique

“Pendentif Femme libellule ailes ouvertes”

"Pendentif Femme libellule ailes ouvertes" by René Jules Lalique

“Spirit of the Wind”

"Spirit of the Wind" by René Jules Lalique


“Blackbirds and grapes”

"Blackbirds and grapes" by René Jules Lalique


"Bacchantes" by René Jules Lalique


"Oranges" by René Jules Lalique