Rebecca Barker – Artwork, Bio, and Analysis of the American Artist

Rebecca Barker

Rebecca Barker is an American artist best known for her quilt patterned paintings. Born and raised in Oxford, Ohio, Barker studied at Ohio University for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She also attended graduate painting school at Miami University. Barker began painting when she was in her teens. The quilt pattern in Barker’s creations is based on quilt history books as well as quilt shows she attended. Barker currently lives in Ohio.

What Does Rebecca Barker Paint About?

Rebecca Barker paints colorful quilt patterns. These patterns are seen at the forefront of her paintings while the background images are of landscapes, animals, farm scenes, seascapes, or still life. Barker’s series of paintings are named “Quiltscapes”. Barker makes sure the specific quilt pattern used is represented in her artwork.

Who Was Rebecca Barker Influenced By?

Rebecca Barker was influenced by her family’s dairy farm in Ohio as well as the women who designed various quilt patterns. Early on, she appreciated the peace of country life and the beauty of quilts. Barker’s paintings are made with the intent to not only showcase the intricate quilt designs but to honor the artistry of traditional quilt patterns.

Rebecca Barker Artwork

Rebecca Barker’s paintings are made on a masonite board. Barker highlights composition and texture in her clean and realistic style of painting.  Below are a few of her creations.

“#43 Roses”

"#43 Roses" by Rebecca Barker


“#15 Vermont Maple Leaf”

"#15 Vermont Maple Leaf" by Rebecca Barker


“#118   ​Alaska”

"#118 ​Alaska" by Rebecca Barker


“#77 Hen & Chicks”

"#77 Hen & Chicks" by Rebecca Barker


“#129 Birthday Cake”

"#129 Birthday cake" by Rebecca Barker

“#14 Autumn Stack”

"#14 Autumn Stack" by Rebecca Barker


“#89 Water Lilies”

"#89 Water Lilies" by Rebecca Barker


“#80 Lady of the Lake”

"#80 Lady of the Lake" by Rebecca Barker


“#35 Autumn Leaves”

"#35 Autumn Leaves" by Rebecca Barker


“#114 Geraniums”

"#114 Geraniums" by Rebecca Barker


“# 30 Cardinals”

"# 30 Cardinals" by Rebecca Barker


“#32 Crazy Quilt”

"#32 Crazy Quilt" by Rebecca Barker


“#128 Around the World”

"#128 Around the World" by Rebecca Barker


“#119 Mariners Compass”

"#119 Mariners Compass" by Rebecca Barker


“#131 Flower Pots”

"#131 Flower Pots" by Rebecca Barker