Lowell Herrero – Artwork, Bio, and Analysis of the American Artist

Lowell Herrero

Lowell Herrero was an American painter best known for portraying oversized figures of farm workers, laborers, and everyday people. Herrero graduated from Oakland Tech High School and the California College of Arts and Crafts (CCAC). Born on October 10, 1921, Herrero pursued an advertising career in design and illustration after graduating from CCAC. He later began his own successful graphic design company but ended the business to pursue fine art. Herrero died from natural causes on the 28th of November, 2015.

What Does Lowell Herrero Paint About?

Lowell Herrero painted distorted landscapes and figures of men and women in an exaggerated fashion. Herrero’s images were mostly of laborers, ordinary people, and farm workers painted in large format. Lowell’s affinity with workers tilling the land inspired him to regularly represent them in his work.

Who Was Lowell Herrero Influenced By?

Lowell Herrero was influenced by Van Gogh, Matisse, and Picasso yet was able to create his own distinct style by combining distortion, pointillism, and naivete in his works. His creations are always bursting with life that fans of his art feel sunlight’s sensation, see the earth’s rich colors, and smell the flower-colored hillsides straight from his canvas.

What Art Movement Is Lowell Herrero Associated With?

Lowell Herrero is associated with the naive art movement. Herrero described his style as “deliberately distorted”, and specifically applied this to his landscapes where he flattened out everything. However, he takes pride in his ability to control his propensity for distortion unlike “primitive (or) unschooled artists” by whom he admitted to also being influenced by.

Lowell Herrero Artwork

Lowell Herrero had his first solo exhibition in 1983 at Carmel, California’s Bill Dodge Gallery. He continued to exhibit in the same gallery until 1993. In 2007, Herrero had a retrospective at Yountville. California’s Napa Valley Museum. Below are a few of his works.

“Surfs Up”

"Surfs Up" by Lowell Herrero


“Lavendar Lady”

"Lavendar Lady" by Lowell Herrero


“Pamplona Iruna”

"Pamplona Iruna" by Lowell Herrero


“Pomodoro e Uova di Gallina”

"Pomodoro e Uova di Gallina" by Lowell Herrero


“Window Conversation”

"Window Conversation" by Lowell Herrero

“Vertical Picnic”

"Vertical Picnic" by Lowell Herrero


“Lavender Man”

"Lavender Man" by Lowell Herrero


“The Four Seasons”

"The Four Seasons" by Lowell Herrero


“Studio Objects: Pumpkin Head”

"Studio Objects: Pumpkin Head" by Lowell Herrero


“Studio Objects: African Stick Man”

"Studio Objects: African Stick Man" by Lowell Herrero



"Monet" by Lowell Herrero


“Three Men with Hods”

"Three Men with Hods" by Lowell Herrero


“Cranberry Harvest III “

"Cranberry Harvest III " by Lowell Herrero


“Lady in Kayak”

"Lady in Kayak" by Lowell Herrero


“Nap After The Harvest”

"Nap After The Harvest" by Lowell Herrero