Luigi Lucioni – Artwork & Bio of Italian-American Painter



Luigi Lucioni was an Italian-American painter born November 4, 1900, in Malnate, Italy. Luigi’s artistic tendencies were first noticed in early geometry classes when he was six, and his teacher encouraged him to pursue a career in drawing and etching. The Lucioni family moved to America in 1911 and settled in Union City, New Jersey, where Luigi went to school and learned to speak English.

When Luigi was 15, he was admitted into Copper Union, where he took evening classes on composition while working through the day. Lucioni got into New York City’s National Academy of Design and started to develop his etching skills under a tutor.

The Associated American Artists, an art gallery in New York, marketed Luigi’s work. Collections of Lucioni’s works are in different museums and galleries like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and The National Museum of Art in Washington D. C., to name a few. The artist died in New York on July 22, 1988.

What was Luigi Lucioni Known For?

Luigi Lucioni was known for his detailed portrayals of reality in portraits, still-life, and landscape paintings of Vermont. Luigi’s paintings have been described as meticulous and meditative; his portrait of Ethel Waters is particularly famous, conveying a sense of vulnerability and aptly portraying the subject’s emotions.

Who was Luigi Lucioni Influenced By?

Luigi Lucioni was influenced by William de Leftwich Dodge, a painter who Luigi studied under and first received constructive criticism from. William Auerbach-Levy also influenced the artist by introducing him to etching. Paul Cezanne’s Modernist works also influenced Lucioni’s work.

What Art Movement was Luigi Lucioni Associated With?

Luigi Lucioni was associated with the Realism Art Movement.


Luigi Lucioni’s Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Luigi Lucioni.

Close harmony 



Portrait of a young man






Still life with a conch shell, coral, and starfish



Cool colors 



Village of Stowve Vermont


The solitary birch



An American landscape


Harmony in Minor key C 


The figure of the Tang dynasty


Big haystack


Bread and fruit


Nostalgic echoes


Still life with rider


Greens and Greys


Design for color


Still life by window


In Yellow