Jose Escofet – Artwork and Bio of the Spanish Painter

Jose Escofet

José Escofet was a Spanish-born artist who became best known for his highly refined and sophisticated flower paintings. Born in Terrassa, near Barcelona in 1930, Escofet spent much of his early career as a graphic designer and painter in his own time. He moved to England with his British wife and three children in 1979, where he continues to develop his art.


What Does José Escofet Paint About?

José Escofet paints about still-life with a focus on nature and plants. Escofet is fascinated by the variety of flora and fauna and tries to capture this in his paintings, which he describes as “intimate small landscapes.” Escofet depicts plants set within small landscapes, where the ground, insects, and background gain equal weight in the composition. Escofet has moved away from a depictional approach to a more subjective and imaginary approach that emphasizes the fantastical and magical aspects of nature. Flowers are still at the core of his paintings, but different elements are incorporated to express his vision of nature as a magical realm. He aims to depict what the eye cannot see and expresses his belief that in nature, we are all interconnected and of equal importance.


Who Was José Escofet Influenced By?

José Escofet was influenced by Spanish and Dutch still-life and flower paintings from earlier centuries. Escofet’s fascination with flora and fauna led him to capture the microcosm of nature in his paintings, creating intimate small landscapes where the ground, insects, and background gain equal weight in the composition.



José Escofet Artwork

José Escofet’s artwork has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions in London and New York. His work has also been acquired by prestigious private collections in both Europe and the United States. Below are a few of his creations.

“Lemon tree; and Orange tree”

"Lemon tree; and Orange tree" by José Escofet


“Still life of Auriculas and Robins”

"Still life of Auriculas and Robins" by José Escofet


“Still lifes of Auriculas in flower pots”

"Still lifes of Auriculas in flower pots" by José Escofet


“An Alcove Filled with White Polyanthus”

"An Alcove Filled with White Polyanthus" by José Escofet


“Bodegón con cesto de frutas”

"Bodegón con cesto de frutas" by José Escofet


“Still lifes of Primula in flower pots”

"Still lifes of Primula in flower pots" by José Escofet


“Still Life Of Brassicas In Bloom”



“The Day’s Pick, 20th Century”

"The Day's Pick, 20th Century" by Jose Escofet


“Woodland Pink Cyclamen Plant”

"Woodland Pink Cyclamen Plant" by Jose Escofet


“Portrait of Parrot Tulips”

"Portrait of Parrot Tulips" by Jose Escofet


“Intimate Landscape”

"Intimate Landscape" by Jose Escofet



"Primrose" by Jose Escofet


“Dreamy Summer Begonias”

"Dreamy Summer Begonias" by Jose Escofet


“Burst of Spring”

"Burst of Spring" by Jose Escofet


“Talking Heads”

"Talking Heads" by Jose Escofet