John Powell – Artwork, Bio And Analysis Of The American Painter

John Powell

John Powell is an American painter best known for his intricate creations of gardens, flowers, and pottery. Powell studied at Mexico City’s Mexico City College due to its exemplary art department. Born in California in 1930, Powell built his art career in Los Angeles and he currently lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife.

What Does John Powell Paint About?

John Powell paints flowers and gardens with lyrical realism. His colorfully complex paintings and artwork express his love for color and predominantly uses the flowers in his garden as subjects.

Who Was John Powell Influenced By?

John Powell was influenced by his artist father as well as his father’s friend Will Foster who provided him with relevant coaching. Powell was similarly influenced by his two-year stay in Japan where he studied Far Eastern arts.

John Powell Artwork

John Powell has done one-man exhibitions in Japan and America. He was honored by the World Federation United Nations and was selected as their artist of the year. His creations have been featured at Geneva, Switzerland’s Palais de Nations’ Philatelic Museum as well as other museums and private collections in different parts of the world. Below are a few of his creations.


“Spring Cherries and Orchids”

"Spring Cherries and Orchids" by John Powell


“Treasured Obi and Ivory”

"Treasured Obi and Ivory" by John Powell


“Backyard Quiet”

"Backyard Quiet" by John Powell


“Heron Takes Flight”

"Heron Takes Flight" by John Powell


“Early Snow”

"Early Snow" by John Powell


“Cocina Fiesta Too”

"Cocina Fiesta Too" by John Powell


“November Snow”

"November Snow" by John Powell


“Pansy Delight”

"Pansy Delight" by John Powell


“Figueroa Poppies”

"Figueroa Poppies" by John Powell


“Fountain Garden”

"Fountain Garden" by John Powell


“Enchanted Coast”

"Enchanted Coast" by John Powell


“Coastal Color”

"Coastal Color" by John Powell


“Cherry Blossoms”

"Cherry Blossoms" by John Powell


“Foxgloves and Iris”

"Foxgloves and Iris" by John Powell


“Garden Party”

"Garden Party" by John Powell