Johannes Wessmark – Artwork & Bio of the Swedish Painter

Johannes Wessmark is a Swedish painter born in 1962 in Karlstad, Sweden. Johannes grew up with his parents all of who always had a lot of outdoor activities planned for Johannes and his five siblings. As a child, Wessmark showed interest in painting and drawing, and was encouraged by his mother who bought him a book titled “The boy who wanted to paint the world’s most beautiful painting“. After high school, Johannes started working with an advertising agency as a graphic designer.

While working, Wessmark took an interest in airbrush painting and began experimenting with the medium. Shortly after, he started his advertising illustration company and spent most of his time marketing and publicizing his services. It was not until later that Wessmark began painting professionally.

Since then, Wessmark has created hundreds of artworks and shown them in solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Among his impressive collection of awards and plaques is the 2021 award for Best Figurative Artwork at the International Guild of Realism(IGOR), where Wessmark is an active member. He currently lives and actively paints in Nedre Bondestad Old School, Karlstad.

What is Johannes Wessmark Known For?

Johaness Wessmark is known for painting photorealistic artworks consisting of several subjects. Wessmark combines acrylic and oil and employs airbrushing techniques to achieve the somber hyperrealistic effect in his works. Johannes experiments with various motifs, atmospheric conditions, pigment, and angle of subject matter.

Who was Johannes Wessmark Influenced By?

Johannes Wessmark was influenced by the works of the pioneers of the Photorealism art movement, such as Chuck Close, Richard Estes, Audrey Flack, and Ron Kleemann. Wessmark painted varying subjects – landscapes, still lifes, and figures in a hyperrealistic manner like these artists.

What Art Movement was Johannes Wessmark Associated With?

Johannes Wessmark was associated with the Photorealism art movement. Unlike realism, Photorealism focuses not only on accurate and naturalistic depictions but also on making paintings look like photographs. 

Johannes Wessmark Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Johannes Wessmark, some of which are in the collection of prestigious institutions worldwide:

Beauty in blue




Glass weevil







The gem






Wet hair 2


Wet hair 3


Wet lace