Gregg LeFevre – Artwork & Bio of the American Installation Artist

Gregg LeFevre is an American installation artist and photographer born in the United States of America in 1946. Although Gregg studied and graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Boston, he has primarily focused on art as a profession. LeFevre has experimented with different mediums, working with sculpting, photography, and installation art.

LeFevre has participated in several exhibitions throughout his home country and received awards and honors from many prestigious sources. His works are in the collections of NASA, Boston University, the Museum of the City of New York, Everson Museum, Space Museum, and Meryl Streep. Gregg’s works frequently appear in famous publications such as the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune.

What is Gregg LeFevre Known For?

Gregg LeFevre is known for creating artworks and installations in commonplaces such as plazas, gardens, and parks. Gregg employs cast relief images, sculptures, and metal to add an outstanding and peculiar feature to a place. One of his most famous works is the Library Walk on 41st Street – a set of 100 bronze relief sets that lead to the door of the 41st Street Library.

Who was Gregg LeFevre Influenced By?

Gregg’s artworks look to exploit the relationships between advertisers and fine artists. This influence is evident in the artist’s series of street photographers. On the other hand, LeFevre’s public sets and installations showcase the unfiltered impact of pedestrian satisfaction. Aside from the location of these artworks, LeFevre’s works look to communicate with each viewer a relative form of beauty.

What Art Movement is Gregg LeFevre Associated With?

Gregg LeFevre is associated with the Installation art movement. Installation art is a unique form of art creation that allows artists full expressions through free experimentation and a combination of materials.

Gregg LeFevre Artwork

Several cities in the USA have commissioned LeFevre’s works. Below are some of them






Black Leather Green


Broken Perseus



China Shingle





Cracked iPhone



Dark I






Giambologna Nails



Green Necktie



Green Red Shoes



Green Supreme


Green Veil 


Large Drape 1 (Athena)



Large Drape 2 (Roman General)



Long Neck



Marbled d’Orsay






Napoleon (Altered Canova)



Pink Bubble



Red Dot






Three Graces and a Guy



Truck Face



White and Flakey