Georg Tappert – Artwork and Bio of the German Artist

Georg Tappert was a German painter born on 20 October 1880 in Berlin, Germany. Before pursuing a career in art, Georg worked as a tailor for a couple of years after his tailoring apprenticeship. His artistic talent was noticed by German printmaker – Max Liebermann, who introduced him to a professor at the Kalrulshe State Academy of Fine Arts. Georg got formal art education at the academy studying from 1901 to 1906.

Georg Tappert moved to Worpswede after he graduated from the academy, joining the Worpswede artists’ colony and playing a notable role in the founding of the Art School in Worpswede. Georg co-founded the School for Visual and Applied Arts in Berlin and the Neue Sezession – a group of expressionist artists who organized joint exhibitions.

Georg Tappert started teaching art in Berlin in 1912 before getting drafted into the infantry during the First World War. In 1919, he resumed teaching at the Riemann School and the United State Schools for Fine and Applied Arts. That same year, Georg started exhibiting the Novembergruppe. Tappert stopped painting after his Berlin studio blew up in 1944. He died in Berlin on 16 November 1957.

What was Georg Tappert Known For?

Georg Tappert was known for his interesting portraits and still-life paintings. Georg used dark shades of colors and did not put representations of light in his work. The subjects of many of his portrait paintings were matured women striking a pose, some of whom were half or fully unclad.

Who was Georg Tappert Influenced By?

Georg Tappert was influenced by Max Liebermann and Ludwig Schmid-Reutte. Ludwig Schmid-Reutte was a naturalist painter to whom Georg was introduced. Ludwig’s paintings focused on the human body, and his influence is evident in Georg’s nude portraits.w

What Art Movement was Georg Tappert Associated With?

Georg Tappert was associated with the Expressionism art movement.

Georg Tappert Artwork

Below are some of Georg Tappert’s artworks


Blonde Female Head With Blue Headband


Cafe (Seated In A Cafe)






Clown II, Eccentric Head


Country Road, Evening Mood


Female Double Portrait



Girl With Flat Hat



Head With Red Cap



Lying Nude With Earrings





Portrait of Miss Rosenberg


The Box II



Variety Scene


Woman ( Crouching With Red Turban)