Cellia Saubry – Artwork and Bio of The French Naive Artist

Cellia Saubry was a French Naive artist who was best known for painting Paris and Provence views that were inspired by her day-to-day life. Saubry started drawing at a young age with her uncle who was a professional artist. Born in Rouen, France in 1938, Saubry moved to Paris when she was a young woman. She later married and started to paint. However, Saubry only decided to exhibit her creations in 1972 at Galerie Antoinette. Since then, she has continued to exhibit her work at Paris and New York Gallery Naifs from 1980 to 1997.

What Does Cellia Saubry Paint About?

Cellia Saubry paints about the cities she has lived in using colors that are bright and cheerful. Using 1950’s Paris as her inspiration, Saubry uses a deficient quality of shadows, colors, and textures, while the contours are defined and precise. Saubry’s vision of the city of lights, as well as Provence, is ingeniously simple.

What Art Movement Is Cellia Saubry Associated With?

Cellia Saubry is associated with the Naive Art movement due to her unaffected, charming, and unsophisticated artistic style that features inadequately finished designs that possess strokes lacking in great perspective. The child-like execution of her vision is valued in contrast to the sophisticated but insincere work common within the traditional artistic system.


Cellia Saubry Artwork

Cellia Saubry’s artworks have been exhibited in various art fairs and international exhibits. A few of her creations are featured below.

“Sous un ciel Rose”

"Sous un ciel Rose" by Cellia Saubry


“Sunday after the mass in the country of customs”

"Sunday after the mass in the country of customs" by Cellia Saubry


“The dead end of the village in Montmartre”

"The dead end of the village in Montmartre" by Cellia Saubry


“Harbor and Regatta”

"Harbor and Regatta" by Cellia Saubry


“Chestnut Tree”

"Chestnut Tree" by Cellia Saubry


“Notre Dame”

"Notre Dame" by Cellia Saubry


“Boat Race”

"Boat Race" by Cellia Saubry


“Cart and pink house”

"Cart and pink house" by Cellia Saubry


“Fall In Paris”

"Fall In Paris" by Cellia Saubry


“Funiculaire de Montmartre”

"Funiculaire de Montmartre" by Cellia Saubry


“Bridge of Birkheim”

"Bridge of Birkheim" by Cellia Saubry


“A barge named Melody”

"A barge named Melody" by Cellia Saubry


“Pink restaurant at night”

"Pink restaurant at night" by Cellia Saubry


“Small Harbor”

"Small Harbor" by Cellia Saubry


“Paris, The Seine Flood”

"Paris, The Seine Flood" by Cellia Saubry


“The Canal of St.Martin”

"The Canal of St.Martin" by Cellia Saubry


“Paris – Shakespeare And Company”

"Paris - Shakespeare And Company" by Cellia Saubry