7 Benefits of Metal Prints: What You Need To Know

Benefits of Metal Prints What You Need To Know

Metal prints are not the most popular type of printing but not any less memorable. Metal prints are excellent artworks for their many beneficial properties, such as durability, customizability, and overall stunning appearance. 

Superior to other prints, metal printmaking may have a longer, more complicated process, but worth it in the end. Keep reading to find out why metal prints are so beneficial to invest in.

What Is a Metal Print?

A metal print is a high-quality replica of an image or design on a sleek metal sheet. These prints are similar to canvas prints. Many options are available for metal prints depending on the material, the tools, and the final process look. However, you can print almost anything you want onto metal as long as you follow the correct process.

Metal art typically requires a thinner metal, such as an aluminum sheet. Metal prints are much more than simple images; they are entire photo prints, as well as, unique designs. Often considered wall art, they can decorate any space, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. 

How Are Metal Prints Made?

Metal prints follow the normal printing process as if you were printing a simple word document through an inkjet printer. A more traditional form of printing would be screen printing, which is when ink pushes through a stencil mesh screen to imprint designs. Metal prints do not take well to this method.

The process of making a metal print is through dye sublimation. It starts with the desired image printed onto a specific type of transfer paper. Dye sublimation is better than the traditional metal photo printing process directly onto the metal surface because it goes into a hard coating of chroma luxe that better protects the image through a permanent infusion.

A giclee printer uses special ink on the transfer paper to provide the highest resolution so it best bonds to the metal plate. After printing the image, you tape it onto the blank metal photo panel to stick in a heat press.

In the heat press, the dye turns gaseous, helping in the absorption process. It will then cool and finish absorbing all the dyes to create a finished piece.

Benefits of Metal Prints

With all the options available, it can be challenging, at first, to see why metal prints are the most advantageous to have. However, all doubt fades away when all the benefits keep adding up way beyond that of a paper or canvas print.

1. Durability

Metal prints are more durable than all their competition. While glass is also waterproof like metal, paper is not. Metal prints will last for many years as long as they are not in direct sunlight and are well taken care of. 

Metal prints better protect and display images because they will not curl over time like paper, nor will they fade or get cloudy like glass. Metal prints will last better than their competition because they are scratch-resistant and made of a heartier material. 

Glass shatters and cracks if dropped badly, but metal prints will be fine. Metal prints will be art that can be passed through the family or last a lifetime if properly taken care of.

2. Scratch Resistant

It may seem far-fetched that metal prints are scratch resistant. However, because of the durable material and high-quality metal, these prints are made to withstand the issues of everyday life. Some products say they are scratch-resistant, and then personal experience says otherwise. 

Metal prints consist of aluminum or some other type of metal sheet, and via the dye sublimation process protected against everyday issues. It takes something pretty powerful to scratch the heated and pressed print. 

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Metal prints possess an undeniable aesthetic appeal. These high-definition art pieces can fit the vibe of any home and adapt to any personal preference. They are images of your choosing on a material that brings out the best colors.  

Metal prints can display without framing, but they can provide a modern, clean aesthetic based on the images printed and the mounting options. The vibrant colors in an image depend on the settings the person printing chooses, and there are plenty of other design choices that can adapt to the person receiving the print.

4. Lightweight

Metal prints are very lightweight, making the wall mount process much easier than with a heavier material such as glass. It seems like a metal artwork would be heavy and difficult to lift, but the main ingredient in the metal is aluminum, a light, soft metal.

Metal prints will not damage walls or fall because they are too heavy. As long as you get the proper mounting pieces, they will stay or move whenever you wish them to. Metal prints are not as weighty as most other pieces made of metal, so they can be hung and framed to fit your desired aesthetic.

5. Customizable

Metal prints are customizable to best fit the person ordering them. Metal prints hang any way you want, as there are plenty of ways to mount them, such as using floating wall mounts, metal kickstands, magnetic brackets, or acrylic display stands. 

There are many different framing options as well. Some styles lean toward a modern look, but there are also more vintage and timeless options. Metal prints do not have to be framed at all, and the lack of glass in the frame prevents glares and streaky marks.

6. Easy to Clean

Metal prints make keeping artwork clean, easy, and painless. As the dye is underneath a surface coating, the metal print can wipe clean whenever it needs a good cleaning. Typically it is best to use a soft dry microfiber cloth when cleaning, but if you need to, you can always use a wet cloth for tougher stains. 

Other prints, such as paper, glass, and canvas, are not as easy to clean and are not supposed to get wet. Metal prints have no such issue, and their ability to last in humid environments is why they are so great for the kitchen or bathroom. Metal prints can be cleaned quickly and efficiently as part of a routine.

7. Eco-friendly

Metal prints are better for the environment than others, and the dye sublimation process is the best, too. The chemical waste produced when printing traditionally becomes eliminated when you print on metal using the dye sublimation process. 

The traditional process, unfortunately, produces chemical wastes that contain silver, caustic chemicals, and bleaches. These products often go into drains that filter into the environment, so this other method is much more environmentally friendly.


Even though metal prints are advantageous and seem like a no-brainer, some big questions need to be answered before anyone buys them. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about metal prints and their answers.

Are metal prints worth the money?

Metal prints tend to be more expensive than other prints. However, they consist of much more durable material. When properly cared for, these prints will last a long time, will look overall better, and be easier to move with and clean. Metal prints may cost a little more, but in the end, this price is worth it for the time it saves, how long it will last, and its overall timeless aesthetic appeal.


How long do metal prints last?

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If the metal print is taken care of, it can last over a hundred years, maybe two. Direct sunlight is practically the only issue that metal prints face. They are scratch-resistant, durable, lightweight, and even when placed outside in the sunlight, can last around two years without the vibrant colors fading at all. 

Metal prints will not deteriorate like other types of printed photos. They should not break or be otherwise damaged unless the owner is careless in taking care of the print.

Are metal prints better than acrylic?

Metal prints are better than acrylic prints because of their durability and ease of upkeep. Metal prints tend to be cheaper than acrylic prints and will last a lot longer. Both have pros and cons, but a piece of artwork that is going to be shown inside metal prints will get you more for your money.

Final Thoughts

Not all metal prints are equal, but the right ones out of durable materials are some of the best decors to invest in. Metal prints have their shortcomings, but their benefits seem too vast outweigh those. Metal prints are going to last, are going to provide a vibrant image, and will be easy to install. 

With the best light and some good mounting, a metal print can be the topic of conversation in your house for a long time. These prints can adapt to fit the room’s aesthetic with its many mounting and framing options. 

Metal prints will be easy to keep clean and are very customizable, so you can get some for yourself or give them away as gifts. While they may seem a little pricey, it is a justified expense for something made from quality materials that will probably outlive you.