Manel Anoro – Artwork and Bio of the Spanish Painter

#070207 | Bodegon | 39″ x 32″ | Oil on Canvas

Manel Anoro was born on 13 June 1985 in Barcelona, Spain, to a salesman and a dressmaker.  On his birthdays, he would receive a box of colored pencils as a gift, with which he expressed his passion for art. Manel enjoyed drawing and painting, but everyone but his mother disregarded his artistic ability.

Manel first studied Agricultural Engineering in Barcelona and later graduated from the University of Barcelona with a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Sciences. After graduation, Manel worked as a Systems Engineer at IBM for fifteen years before quitting to chase his childhood passion. In 1984, he held his first exhibition at the Centre Cívic Guinardó in Barcelona.

Since his first show, he has participated in thirty-one solo exhibitions in Spain, Japan, and the United States. He has also participated in several collective exhibitions and international fairs in prestigious cities worldwide. Manel is well-represented in galleries and collections in Spain and the United States. His studio is in Menorca, Spain, where he lives and works.

What is Manel Anoro Known For?

Manel Anoro is known for the colorful landscapes of the neighborhoods he visited. Inspired by the colors of textiles that he grew up around, Manel uses lush, bright, and intense colors in his depictions of Moroccan, Cuban and Senegalese neighborhoods. Naked women and still-lifes are other subjects of his paintings.

Who was Manel Anoro Influenced By?

Manel Anoro was influenced by his experiences as a child and an avid traveler. Born to a dressmaker, prints, stripes, and brightly-colored fabrics surrounded him in his childhood. As an adult, he traveled frequently and painted scenes of his experiences in different regions.

What Art Movement is Manel Anoro Associated With?

Manel Anoro is associated with the Impressionism art movement.

Manel Anoro Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Manel Anoro: