Henri Le Fauconnier – Artwork and Bio of the French Artist

Henri Le Fauconnier was a French painter born on 5 July 1881 in Hesdin, France. Henri moved to France in 1901, where he studied Law while simultaneously taking art lessons under Jean-Paul Laurens at the Academie Julian. He exhibited at the Salon des Independants in 1904 and 1905. At the time, he made his paintings with the style and techniques of Fauvism.

In 1910, Henri and some artists who painted in the Cubist style came together to form a group. Their first exhibition at the Salon des Independants the following year caused uproar in the salon, birthing the avant-garde movement of radical artists. The Section d’Or group became popular, and so did their painting style.

Henri Le Fauconnier became head of the Academie de la Palette, an avant-garde art school, in 1912. Soon after, he participated in the first exhibition of Cubism in Spain. Henri’s works hang in museums in Russia, the Netherlands, and the USA. On 25 December 1946, Henri died of a heart attack in Paris.

What was Henri Le Fauconnier Known For?

Henri Le Fauconnier was known for his leading contributions to the popularization of the Cubism art movement. Henri employed geometrical forms, interlocking shapes, bold outlines, and a rich tone of colors in depicting figures and still-lifes in his paintings. His preferred medium of painting was oil on canvas.

Who was Henri Le Fauconnier Influenced By?

Henri Le Fauconnier was influenced by the painting style of Paul Cezanne. Inspired by Cezanne, Henri fused geometrical forms and shapes in a harmonious relationship to create human and still-life figures. Cezanne’s influence on Henri Le Fauconnier was such that Henri opened a studio for artists to apply Cezanne’s lessons.

What Art Movement was Henri Le Fauconnier Associated With?

Henri Le Fauconnier was associated with the Cubism art movement.

Henri Le Fauconnier Artwork

Below are some of the artworks of Henri Le Fauconnier




A Still Life with A Carafe and Glasses

A View of Zandvoort

Interior with a Guitar


Le Jardin de l’artiste Grosrouvres

Modele a la guitare

Mountaineers attacked by Bear


Portrait of Jules Romains

The Signal


Vielle Femme

Village among the rocks

Village among rocks

Village Forestier Grosrouvre

Zealand farmer’s wives