David Larned – Artwork and Bio of the American Painter

David Larned

David Larned is an American Postwar & Contemporary artist best known for his intimate and evocative portraits. Born in 1976, he began his artistic journey at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and further honed his skills at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art. Larned obtained his BFA with honors from the University of Pennsylvania. Larned has established himself as an award-winning portrait artist. His work has been showcased in galleries nationwide, attracting high-profile commissions and earning him multiple awards. Larned’s artistic talents extend beyond portraiture, as he skillfully paints still life, landscapes, and interior scenes with equal finesse. He employs a classical approach to his paintings, creating compositions that captivate viewers with their meticulous detail and heartfelt depictions. Currently residing in Pennsylvania with his wife, Sarah Lamb, David continues to explore the intrinsic beauty of people and places through his realistic and technically accomplished artworks.



What Does David Larned Paint About?

David Larned paints portraiture. His paintings delve into the depth of human emotion, exploring the unique stories and experiences of the individuals he portrays. While portraiture is his main focus, Larned also paints landscapes and still life, applying the same level of precision and attention to detail to these subjects.



Who Was David Larned Influenced By?

David Larned has been influenced by the works of 19th and 20th-century European and American realists.



David Larned Artwork 

David Larned found himself inundated with a remarkable influx of portrait requests after his initial exhibition. Below are a few of his creations.


"R.W.G.M" by David Larned


“University President”

"University President" by David Larned



"Professor" by David Larned



"Gabrielle" by David Larned


“Gaye and Solo”

"Gaye and Solo" by David Larned


“First Lady”

"First Lady" by David Larned


“Annie’s Dress”

"Annie's Dress" by David Larned



"Catherine" by David Larned



"Joe" by David Larned



"Scott" by David Larned



"Margaret" by David Larned


“President and First Lady”

"President and First Lady" by David Larned


“Anat and Dick” 

"Anat and Dick" by David Larned


“The Mouse”

"The Mouse" by David Larned


“Zilka Girls”

"Zilka Girls" by David Larned