22 Art Grants to Fund Your Art Career in 2022

Art Grants to Fund Your Art Career

Art has always been an outlet for expression, especially during times of stress and hardship. There’s no question that the world needs art more than ever, and there is no shortage of it being made, digitally or physically, by artists around the world.

Thankfully, some generous people, agencies, and arts organizations are willing to pay for the production of your art.

If art is your calling and you’re looking for ways to fund your passion, artist grants might be just what you need. They can provide you with outlets and avenues that you might not be privy to on your own.

No matter what art you do, there is a grant out there for you. To get you started, here are ten art grants to fund your art career in 2022, plus a few extras!

Multi-Disciplinary Arts Grants

While some artist grants target specific disciplines, these art grants do not limit the applicants to one specialty. These art grants accept applicants who work in almost any medium.

Sustainable Arts Foundation

The Sustainable Arts Foundation strives to encourage parents to pursue their passion for art with this award. This award is available to artists in varying specialties, including writing, drawing, fiber arts, photography, and painting.

  • Amount: $5000 each to twenty artists
  • Requirements: Applicant must be a parent of at least one child under the age of 18 and submit a portfolio of work. There is a $20 application fee to apply, and the fee goes to the artist and writer jurors who are also parents.
  • Deadline for Application: February 25, 2022

Creative Capital

This unique award goes to artists who submit socially engaging work that addresses sustainability in some fashion. Though sustainability traditionally means environmental, the Creative Capital award seeks to expand the definition by including other challenges, including factors like health and well-being, peace, reduced inequalities, and justice.

  • Amount: up to $50,000 for 50 artists
  • Requirements: Applicants must be United States citizens, permanent residents, or O-1 visa holders.
  • Deadline for Application: March 2022

Right of Return Fellowship

This fellowship is another unique award that supports formerly incarcerated artists. Part of the award includes a group retreat to foster growth and development as well as political advocacy skills.

  • Amount: up to $20,000 for 6 artists
  • Requirements: Applicants must be a formerly incarcerated artist
  • Deadline for Application: January of each year

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant

Mid-career artists struggling to continue their work due to financial constraints can find relief with the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. Award money can cover everything from studio rent to new materials to covering personal expenses.

  • Amount: Varies based on need
  • Requirements: Applicants must complete the application online with a resume, cover letter, exhibition record, and ten digital images of current work.
  • Deadline for Application: rolling

Visual Arts Grants

Do you specialize in something within the visual arts? The following grants restrict applicants to visual artists, including jewelry, painting, and digital work.

2022 Art + Technology Lab Grant

The Art + Technology Lab Grant offers support for visual artists who leverage technology to create innovative work. Artists do not need to use advanced technology but at least consider how they could apply tech if they secured funding.

  • Amount: up to $50,000
  • Requirements: Apply through the portal with a bio, proposal for the visual art project, a detailed budget for the project, and up to five images displaying recent work.
  • Deadline for Application: February 24, 2022

S+T+ARTS Price 2022

The STARTS prize supports visual artists who blend science and technology with the arts to create exciting new methods. Ideas include interactive media and immersive technology to give new life to traditional methods.

  • Amount: €20,000
  • Requirements:  International artists must submit new, innovative approaches to artistic endeavors.
  • Deadline for Application: March 2, 2022

Harpo Foundation Grants for Visual Artists

The Harpo Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides funding for visual artists who need support to gain recognition. Any visual artist who self-identifies as under-recognized may submit for this grant. Note that winners must provide a detailed report on how they use the funds.

  • Amount: varies, up to $10,000
  • Requirements: Applicants must be a United States citizen, at least 21 years old, and not a current student. Submit a resume, artist statement, and up to 10 work samples. There is a $15 application fee.
  • Deadline for Application: April 29, 2022

Artadia Awards

Artadia is a nonprofit organization providing financial support for artists in six major U.S. cities. Applicants cannot be students or previous winners and specialize in contemporary visual art intended for public consumption.

  • Amount: Varies, up to $20,000 plus lifelong support
  • Requirements: Applicants must reside in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Kansas City, Atlanta, or Houston.
  • Deadline for Application: varies by city

Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum offer an annual award to painters over the age of 45. Painters can work with nearly any medium, though there are a few exceptions, like digital paintings and collages.

  • Amount: up to $30,000
  • Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate financial need and submit their portfolios.
  • Deadline for Application: April 2022

Chenven Foundation Award

The Ruth and Harold Chenven foundation supports artists specializing in visual or fine craft arts. Independent artists can apply if they have not won previously and work with any medium except film, video, performance art, or music.

  • Amount: $1500
  • Requirements: Answer narrative questions and submit images with descriptions via the GOsmart platform.
  • Deadline for Application: July 2022

Performance Art Grants

Many visual and multi-disciplinary art grants specifically exclude the performing arts. The following grants specifically support musicians, dancers, and other performing artists.

Challenge America

The National Endowment for the Arts highlights many programs, but Challenge America supports small local arts agencies in their efforts to get art to underserved populations.

  • Amount: up to $10,000
  • Requirements: Grants are price matches to money raised by the local art agencies applying for it. The total cost of projects must be $20,000 or more for consideration.
  • Deadline for Application: April 21, 2022

South Arts Jazz Road Tours

Emerging and mid-career jazz musicians can take a small tour with funding from this grant. The money can support artists who perform solo or as part of an ensemble (up to 10 musicians).

  • Amount: ranges from $5000 to $15000
  • Requirements: must be a professional jazz artist who is at least 18 years old and not a full-time student. Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents.
  • Deadline for Application: April 15, 2022

Grants for Jewelry Makers

Do you specialize in wearable art? You could receive grant money to support your craft and encourage you to grow your art business.

The Halstead Grant

This annual art award goes to a silvery jewelry artist hoping to jump-start their business. Not only do winners receive monetary awards, but they also receive feedback from the judges.

  • Amount: $7500 plus $1000 in merchandise to the winner, $250-$500 to 5 semi-finalists and finalists to promote their art businesses.
  • Requirements: Must work with silver, answer 15 business questions, and submit a design portfolio
  • Deadline for Application: August 1, 2022

Nina Berenato Making It Together Grant for Female Artists

Nina Beranato aims to support other women in the industry with grants to American-made, female-owned businesses. Funding for the grant comes from sales of the Making It Together Necklace. For every sale of the necklace, $50 goes toward the fund.

  • Amount: $5000
  • Requirements: Applicants must be female makers or artists.
  • Deadline for Application: Rolling based on necklace sales

Women’s Jewelry Association Grants

This organization offers a range of grants for women jewelry makers. Awards can go toward materials, scaling a business, professional development, and more.

  • Amount: $500 up to $7000
  • Requirements: Varies by award
  • Deadline for Application: Varies by award

Artist Grants for Sculptors

Though sculpture typically falls under visual arts, it’s a field unto itself with some interesting grant options dedicated to sculptors. The National Sculpture Society offers several grants, competitions, and scholarships beyond those listed here.

Stanley Bleifeld Memorial Grant

Sculptors specializing in sculpture inspired by nature should consider this annual grant. At least two of the submitted pieces should be bas-relief and in the round to qualify.

  • Amount: $5000
  • Requirements: Applicants must submit 11 to 15 images of completed sculptures and be citizens or residents of the United States with a social security number.
  • Deadline for Application: October 2022

Marilyn Newmark Memorial Grant

This annual award offers support for artists who specialize in animal sculptures. Sculptors should be mature with a sizable body of work.

  • Amount: $5000
  • Requirements: Submit 11 to 15 images of completed sculptures. The applicant needs to have a social security number and be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Deadline for Application: October 2022

Art Grants for Minorities

As part of the push to support and encourage underrepresented groups, these grants focus on supporting minorities.

The Black Artist Fund

This nonprofit organization fights systemic inequities by funding Black artists. The voting committed is as diverse as the applicant pool, and the fund has paid out tens of thousands of dollars to date.

Puffin Foundation Awards

The Puffin Foundation offers grants to artists who typically can’t access mainstream funding due to their race, gender, or social philosophies. The group offers awards in fine arts, music, photography, theater, public interest, and one for creatives specializing in video, film, or radio.

  • Amount: varies up to $2500
  • Requirements: apply through the site in the area you choose
  • Deadline for Application: opens in September of each year

JOANN Minority Creative Grants

Creatives who identify as Hispanic can apply for this grant program. It includes a chance to become a paid instructor with the company’s Creativebug site. The company also promotes the creative across marketing and social media outlets.

  • Amount: $5000 in store credit for 20 candidates
  • Requirements: apply through the site
  • Deadline for Application: opens in September of each year

Arts Education Awards

Is art education your passion? Do you see a chance for community development through arts education? These grants support your vision to enhance your community.

The Judy Chicago Art Education Award

This art award aims to support innovative scholars, educators, and students in honor of Judy Chicago. Applicants should craft a proposal that shines a spotlight on women’s historical achievements and involves the use of the extensive materials available through the Judy Chicago Research portal.

  • Amount: $1500
  • Requirements: Provide a detailed proposal about the project and how it could impact the community, including the required archive materials.
  • Deadline for Application: July 15, 2022

National Art Education Foundation Grants

The NAEF supports grants in several categories ranging from professional development for art educators to supporting arts projects in classrooms. Depending on the grant, educators can use the funding to purchase materials for their classrooms, including art history books.

  • Amount: varies by grant, $1000 up to $10,500
  • Requirements: Applicants need to belong to the National Art Education Association for at least one year. Must submit a detailed proposal about how the art educator would use the funds.
  • Deadline for Application: October 1, 2022

How Else Can I Fund My Art?

It’s not easy to find funding to support your passion, especially if you don’t have a large body of work to show. If you can’t secure a national endowment, try looking closer to home first.

Many local arts agencies and community outreach projects like to support people like you. It is an excellent way to get your name out there and build a following.

If you have a body of work to speak up, there are multiple ways to sell your digital art online, this could help get some funds to makes ends meet, or even start developing a devoted audience that could blossom into a successful independent career.

Lastly, starting small helps you find your art style and refine your voice to become more competitive for larger grant platforms.