Lauraine Velez

Lauraine is a freelance writer with a strong background in the arts. Lauraine is currently finishing her novel and has been exploring different art mediums for over two decades. Her favorite art activities include drawing, painting (especially watercolor painting), designing haute couture clothes, photography, and designing and creating gifts for family and friends. In addition to Lauraine's expertise in art, she has experience in commerce content, grant writing, and health and wellness. Before becoming a freelancer, Lauraine held various positions in large and grassroots organizations locally and abroad.

What is Diamond Painting?

The arts and crafts community might be very familiar with diamond painting, a relatively new art form, but those new to this creative art form might ask, what is diamond painting? Diamond painting is similar to a paint-by-number or embroidered cross-stitch that uses tiny diamonds, also called a diamond drill, to create a finished painting. …

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The 6 Best Mechanical Pencils for Drawing in 2022

When looking for the best mechanical pencil for drawing, choosing a high-quality mechanical pencil that fits your needs is essential. Whether using the mechanical pencil for drawing, sketching, or drafting, picking the best pencil for the job is important. Unlike a wooden pencil, mechanical pencils come in a range of options and are more versatile. …

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The 5 Best Custom Photo Puzzle Companies in 2022

Family members who enjoy putting together puzzles will appreciate some of their favorite photos on a personalized puzzle. The best photo printing companies have various puzzle options to choose from and print each photo using high-resolution formatting. They are flexible in the types of pictures they accept and at the same time provide excellent customer …

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