The 5 Best Glue for Puzzles in 2023 (October)

Best Overall

Mod Podge Puzzle Saver

High-strength, non-toxic and quick-drying glue ideal for mounting finished puzzles.
Runner Up

Masterpieces Jigsaw Puzzle

Quick-drying, clear and non-toxic glue with a tool for easy application, perfect for framing jigsaw puzzles.
Adhesive Sheets

AGREATLIFE Preserve Sheets

Super adhesive, mess-free sheets suitable for puzzles up to 2,000 pieces, offering an immediate framing solution.

The Best Glue for Puzzles

Puzzle enthusiasts that love solving jigsaw puzzles and want to frame each completed puzzle masterpiece will need the proper mounting material and the best glue for the job. Before purchasing jigsaw puzzle glue, keep in mind the following criteria– how strong the glue is, if it’s toxic, especially if putting the puzzle together with young family members, how easily it’s cleaned up and ease of use, and lastly how quickly it dries. 

Fun fact: The first jigsaw puzzle was invented by cartographers in the 18th century to map the countries of the world.

Finished jigsaw puzzles can be works of art in their own right and spruce up a bare wall. Before putting your puzzle pieces together, don’t forget to protect your work surface and the back of the puzzle with a thin piece of parchment paper or wax paper. This will also make it easier to move the puzzle without breaking it. 

Choosing the Best Puzzle Glue 

There are some important considerations to make before purchasing the right puzzle for gluing your puzzles together. Below we have covered the top specs to keep in mind before buying puzzle glue.

Glue Strength

Glue strength is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider. Purchasing weak glue will result in using too much glue and may cause a gooey mess thereby ruining the entire puzzle and making all of your hard work for naught. 

The right glue seeps easily into the entire front surface during the gluing process and is strong enough to hold even a large puzzle. One layer of glue is usually enough, depending on the thickness of the puzzle backing. Supporting surfaces can be a piece of cardboard, backer board, or foam board.


Whether working with little ones or not, the best puzzle glue is always non-toxic. Due to the light weight of each piece, stronger glues aren’t necessary to glue a puzzle together.

We still suggest using a plastic spreader, sponge brush, or another tool to spread the glue to protect hands and make clean-up easier.

Partially Completed Jigsaw Puzzle

Dries Quickly

Most puzzle glues become completely dry in a few hours. Some offer a glossy finish while others dry clear and matte. 

Many users prefer their finished puzzle to dry glossy to offer a nice shine and complement the details in the puzzle, but how the glue dries is strictly a personal preference. 

Clean Up

Another important concern for finished jigsaw puzzles is clean-up time. Using a plastic spatula, plastic spreader, or other application methods when gluing will help make cleaning up the finished product less time-consuming.

Many puzzles are glued together with the support of a cardboard backing so using a thin coat of glue and a rolling pin to help each puzzle piece seal together and smooth curled edges may be helpful. 

The Best Puzzle Glue on the Market Today

  1. Best Puzzle Glue Overall: Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Puzzle Glue
  2. Runner-Up Best Jigsaw Puzzle Glue: Masterpieces Jigsaw Puzzle Glue
  3. Best Adhesive Sheets Puzzle Glue: AGREATLIFE Puzzle Preserve Sheets
  4. Best Liquid Glue for a Jigsaw Puzzle: Puzzle Pro Liquid Puzzle Glue
  5. Best No Mess Jigsaw Puzzle Glue: Puzzle Presto Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver Jigsaw Puzzle Adhesive

1. Best Puzzle Glue Overall – Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Puzzle Glue

MOD podge puzzle saver puzzle

Selection Criteria

  • Price – ~$8.99 – Our score: 9/10
  • Strength – High – Our score: 9/10 
  • Toxic – No – Our score: 9/10
  • Dries Quickly – Yes – Our score: 9/10
  • Cleans up Easily – Yes – Our score: 9/10

About the Mod Podge Puzzle Saver Puzzle Glue

Other glues don’t have the all-in-one glue and finish that this Mod Podge glue sealer has. Specific for puzzles, this is the best glue to mount a finished puzzle and guarantee that the puzzle pieces will stick to cardboard or whatever surface it might be glued to. The quick-drying formula allows users to add more product every few inches to help the glued puzzle stay put. 

A brush to coat and spread the glue isn’t included but can be purchased from local craft stores or bought together online. Mod Podge sells their own foam brush set here which is ideal to coat and spread glue. What’s more, Mod Podge also sells glitter, sparkly, fabric, and antique matte sealers for framing other projects to hang on a wall or give as a gift. 


  • Available in 4 or 8-ounce bottles 
  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • The small bottle can glue all the pieces of a 1,000-piece puzzle with a bit left
  • Mod Podge is one of the best puzzle glues to preserve puzzles for decades 


  • Mod Podge doesn’t include a brush or other applicator
  • Has a slight odor

2. Runner-Up best Jigsaw Puzzle Glue – Masterpieces Elmers Jigsaw Puzzle Glue  

Masterpieces Elmers Jigsaw Puzzle Glue  


  • Price – Our score: 9/10
  • Strength – Medium – Our score: 8/10 
  • Toxicity – Non-toxic – Our score: 9/10
  • Dries Quickly – Yes – Our score: 9/10
  • Cleans up Easily – No – Our score: 8/10

About Masterpieces Elmers Jigsaw Puzzle Glue 

This Masterpieces jigsaw puzzle glue from Elmer’s received high ratings to glue a completed puzzle to frame or hang. It was rated the best glue for its ability to dry quickly and clearly without leaving a film. The package includes a handy tool to help apply the puzzle glue. The one five-ounce product can glue two 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles if only applied to one side of the puzzle.

One easy way to flip a puzzle is to use parchment paper on top to help secure it before gluing. This will also help protect the surface of a table from getting glue from the puzzle onto its surface. This puzzle glue is also easy to clean with a damp cloth and can be used on many arts and crafts projects due to its strength and clear drying coat of glue.  


  • Is applied with the included applicator to the front of the puzzle
  • Has a beautiful shiny finish
  • Does not yellow over time
  • Easy to apply more glue from the center of the puzzle moving outwards 


  • Will not work on plastic or heavy wood puzzle pieces


3. Best Adhesive Sheets Puzzle Glue – AGREATLIFE Puzzle Preserve Sheets 

AGREATLIFE Puzzle Preserve Sheets 

Selection Critera

  • Price – ~$13.60 (Was $15.99) – Our score: 7/10
  • Strength – High – Our score: 8/10 
  • Toxicity – Non-Toxic – Our score: 9/10
  • Dries Quickly – N/A – Our score: 7/10
  • Cleans up Easily – Yes – Our score: 9/10

About AGREATLIFE Puzzle Preserve Sheets

The super adhesive of this jigsaw puzzle glue from AGreatLife Puzzle Saver is one of the easiest to apply without leaving any mess. Each adhesive sheet can be used to glue a jigsaw puzzle that is up to 2,000 pieces. To apply the adhesive we suggest you flip the jigsaw puzzle over with the image facing away from you and apply the sheets to the back of the puzzle. The puzzle is then ready to be installed in a frame. 

Clear instructions are included with the package that explains exactly how to apply the adhesive to different puzzles. The best part about these sheets is that there is zero mess and no need to wipe puzzle glue from different surfaces. This product includes a full warranty to return or replace the item if it doesn’t work as expected.  


  • Comes with 12 adhesive sheets 
  • No clean up required
  • Very strong adhesive
  • Can be put in a frame immediately with no drying time required
  • Some customers suggest using a rolling pin to secure the adhesive to the jigsaw puzzles


  • If the edges are sealed properly using a rolling pin or another heavy object, they may furl after some time

4. Best Liquid Glue for Puzzles – Puzzle Pro Liquid Glue

Puzzle Pro Liquid Glue

Selection Criteria

  • Price – ~$10.15 – Our score: 8/10
  • Strength – High – Our score: 9/10 
  • Toxicity – None – Our score: 9/10
  • Dries Quickly – No – Our score: 7/10
  • Cleans up Easily – No – Our score: 7/10

About the Puzzle Pro Liquid Glue

This small jar is one of the better puzzle glues for large puzzles. It works similar to regular white liquid glue except it’s extra durable and dries quicker than regular craft glue. Specifically used for puzzles, this four-ounce bottle dries clear and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on the jigsaw puzzle’s surface. 

The new formula dries within four hours of application, requires one or two thin coats of glue, and doesn’t have as strong an odor as other puzzle glues. Note that once the glue dries it cannot be wiped off surfaces so it’s imperative to protect the area underneath the jigsaw puzzle pieces from glue residue.


  • Requires thin layers of glue
  • One of the stronger puzzle glues
  • Designed specifically for use with jigsaw puzzles  


  • Large puzzle might require two bottles
  • Glue can’t be wiped off once dried

5. Best No Mess Jigsaw Puzzle Glue – Puzzle Presto Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver 

Puzzle Presto Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver 

Selection Criteria

  • Price – ~$9.99 – Our score: 9/10
  • Strength – High – Our score: 9/10 
  • Toxicity – N/A – Our score: 7/10
  • Dries Quickly – N/A – Our score: 7/10
  • Cleans up Easily – Yes – Our score: 9/10

About the Puzzle Presto Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver

Complete jigsaw puzzles can be easily put together with these sheets of adhesive. The sheets also come with the option to hang on the wall without a frame or as an alternative, the sheets are thin enough to frame the puzzle. Each sheet is white and must not be applied to the image of the puzzle, similar to most jigsaw puzzle glues. To help turn the puzzle over we recommend starting the puzzle on parchment paper so it’s easy to flip over once complete. 

One box should be able to cover one 1,000-piece puzzle if done correctly. Instructions are provided to guarantee the best results. Combining this adhesive with puzzle glue is not suggested as it may reduce the strength. Note, that after several years, the adhesive may lose some of its strength so framing the puzzle will guarantee that it lasts longer than simply hanging on a wall.


  • No clean up required
  • Easy to apply
  • Enough sheets for one 1,000-piece puzzle
  • Using a roller will help secure edges for longer-lasting adherence  


  • Adhesive will start to lose strength after several years


We hope you found our guide to the best glue for jigsaw puzzles helpful. We’ve covered the different types of puzzle glue available along with our recommendations in various contexts.

We’ve discussed how you can choose the best puzzles from glue to adhesive that can stick any puzzles together for framing or gift-giving. Lastly, we’ve combined our recommendations for the best glue or adhesive sheets with no clean-up required, a strong bond, and fast drying times for large or small puzzles. Whether a puzzle pro or a beginner who would like to frame your work, there is something for everyone on our list above.

Thanks for reading; we hope our suggestions help you choose the best puzzle glue for your next puzzle project. Even if completing jigsaw puzzles alone or as a family, puzzle glue will help immortalize those happy memories. 

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