Cinzia Franceschini

Cinzia Franceschini is an Italian Art Historian specializing in the History of Art Criticism, with a second degree in Communications and Sociology studies. She studied in Padua, Brussels, Turin as well as anywhere with an Internet connection. She works as a guide in Museum Education Departments and as a Freelance Writer. She writes about Contemporary Arts and Social Sciences, and how they intertwine.

Dada (Dadaism)

What is Dada (Dadaism)? Dada (or Dadaism) is an avant-garde literary and artistic movement of the 20th Century, developed between the 1916 and 1922, as a revolutionary and critical rejection to the brutality of the First World War. The origins of the term are still unclear and there are various interpretations under consideration: Dada could …

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Harlem Renaissance (Art Movement)

What is the Harlem Renaissance? The Harlem Renaissance is a period in the American History, spanning the 1920s and the 1930s, characterized by the rebirth of the African American culture and black identity empowerment. This revival was particularly evident in literature, arts, music, theatre and fashion. The Harlem Renaissance writers, painters, and sculptors celebrated the …

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