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What is a Self-portrait? Self-portraiture is a sub-category of the artistic genre of portraiture. A self-portrait is a portrait of an artist realized by the artist himself or herself, mainly through the medium of painting, drawing, sculpture or photography.  A self-portrait is hardly a mere form of recording one’s appearance: it involves very often the …

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Site-Specific Art 

What is Site-Specific Art? The term Site-Specific art is commonly used in the field of Contemporary Arts to indicate a type of artistic intervention specifically conceived for a precise location and that interacts with it. When designing a Site-Specific artwork, the artist pays particular attention to the spatial aspects of the chosen place. The work is usually created exclusively to …

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Still Life (Painting and Drawing)

Still life is the painting or drawing of inanimate objects.  The common or cliche example would be a “bowl of fruit”, but could include things such as other types of food, drinking glasses, vases, books, clothing, or natural items like flowers and plants, rocks and sea-shells, etc. History of the Still Life Genre Still life …

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