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Dada (Dadaism)

What is Dada (Dadaism)? Dada (or Dadaism) is an avant-garde literary and artistic movement of the 20th Century, developed between the 1916 and 1922, as a revolutionary and critical rejection to the brutality of the First World War. The origins of the term are still unclear and there are various interpretations under consideration: Dada could …

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Die Brucke

What is Die Brucke? Die Brücke is a group of German Expressionist painters, some of whom lived together for many years and exhibited together. They are best known for their depictions of everyday life in the years following World War I, and their depictions of carnival. Many of them were already best-known in their day …

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What is a Diptych? A diptych is a term naming an artwork composed of two parts. The word comes from the Greek “dipthukos”, and the Late Latin “diptycha” meaning folded double. The two plates or panels, attached or hinged together, are either mobile or stationary. The panels are usually painted or carved with related illustrations. …

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