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The Independent Group

What is the Independent Group?
The Independent Group (IG) is a group of painters, sculptors, art critics, writers, and architects who met at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London. Young artists theorize and explore a challenging approach to art organizing collective exhibitions between 1952 and 1955. The art movement laid the foundation for …

10 Famous and Notable Cubism Artworks

… for about five years.
10. Houses at l’Estaque, Georges Braque, 1908

Houses at l’Estaque, Georges Braque, 1908, oil on canvas, Lille Métropole Museum of Modern, Contemporary, and Outsider Art, France
The work Houses at l’Estaque was painted by Georges Braque, an innovator of Cubism. This painting is one of many depicting …

How to Analyze Art - Formal Art Analysis Guide and Example

… charcoal, pastel, tempera, fresco, marble, bronze, but also concrete, glass, stone, wood, ceramics, lithography…The list of materials is potentially endless, especially in contemporary arts, but it is also among the easiest information to find! A valid catalog or museum label will always list materials and techniques used by artists.
What techniques, methods, and …

20 Famous Mexican Painters - A Look At The Best Mexican Artists

… painting, engraving, drawing, and ceramics.
Rabel‘s unique artistic style was heavily influenced by her teacher Frida Kahlo, whom she admired deeply. She imitated Kahlo in many of her artworks, which garnered widespread attention across Mexico.
13. Dr. Atl

Birth year: 1875
Death year: 1964
City/Province of birth: Guadalajara, Mexico
Notable characteristics/subject …