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The Independent Group

… Britain, introducing among their artistic references mass culture and ordinary objects. They often used the technique of collage, as had already been implemented by Dadaism, Futurism, and Surrealism.
The label ‘independent’ emphasizes precisely their desire for an anti-academic rupture with traditional art. The critic Tom Dyckoff wrote about them that ‘what they opposed was …

10 Famous Cubist Artists You Should Know About

… 1914.
Initially, the Cubism art movement was not divided into Analytical Cubism and Synthetic Cubism. Only later would art historians, inspired by the writings of Cubist artists, label the initial phase of Cubism as Analytical Cubism and the latter as Synthetic Cubism.
1. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist born in Málaga, Spain …

Papier collé

… of these experiments were created using only paper cut outs and flat materials.
Papier collé, even if not labelled with these words, was a common technique during Surrealism. Surrealist artists, particularly Max Ernst, used it in their paintings. Ernst’s paper collages, for example, were realized combining together pasted pieces from old engravings and prints …

20 Famous Mexican Painters - A Look At The Best Mexican Artists

… audiences.
11. Remedios Varo

Birth year: 1908
Death year: 1963
City/Province of birth: Anglés, Spain (but she is closely associated with Mexico)
Notable characteristics/subject matter: Surrealism, fantasy, mystical and symbolic themes
Notable artwork: Creation of the Birds

Remedios Varo is considered one of the most famous Mexican artists in the Mexican Surrealist movement …