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Mannerism Art Movement - History, Artists and Artwork

… who came after the great Renaissance Masters.
Why is it Called Mannerist Art?
In Italian maniera means style or manner. Mannerism was the term that referred to painting “in the manor of”. Mannerism initially was not considered a style, so the label was viewed a derogatory term. As Mannerism art developed, artworks from this movement …

Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo – Artwork and Bio of the Italian Painter

… is famously associated with Divisionism. Additionally, Guiseppe’s works can also be associated with Socialist Realism and Neo-Impressionism.
Giuseppe Pellizza Artwork
Some of Giuseppe Pellizza’s paintings can be found below:
Winter Landscape with Skaters and a Bird Trap
The Census at Bethlehem
View of the Port of Naples
Tower of Babel
The …