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Gennady Spirin – Artwork and Bio of the Russian Illustrator

… Unicorn (1989)
The Fool and the Fish: A Tale from Russia (1990)
The White Cat: An Old French Fairy Tale (1990)
Rumpelstiltskin (1991)
Boots and the Glass Mountain (1992)
The Princess Who Could Not Laugh (1992)
There Once Was a Tree (1992)
Gulliver’s Adventures in Lilliput (1993)
The Children of Lir (1993)
The …

Conceptual Art Movement (Conceptualism): History, Techniques, and Artwork

… criticality of the artistic system. The artistic practice of conceptual artists such as Hans Haacke or Marcel Broodthaers moves in this direction and is defined under the label of art movement Institutional Critique.
Notable Conceptual Artists

Marcel Duchamp, July 22, 1887 – October 2, 1968, French
Milton Ernest “Robert” Rauschenberg, October 22, 1925 – May 12 …

Synthetic Cubism Art Movement: History, Artwork, and Artists

… perspectives in the same picture plane, many artists working in the Synthetic Cubist style preferred to flatten their subject matter entirely, creating two-dimensional depictions of objects and people. This new way of conceiving form would eventually prove the work of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque to be influential beyond the conventions of Cubism …

Cubism Art Movement - History, Artists, and Artwork

… Cubism emerged in 1912 and developed upon the flatness of Analytic Cubism by incorporating everyday objects into paintings. Bits of paper once belonging to newspapers, wallpaper, bottle labels, and other ephemera were pasted by artists onto the canvas in addition to oilcloth and oil paint. The color palette seen in Synthetic Cubism paintings remained limited …

Analytic Cubism vs Synthetic Cubism: Similarities and Differences

… assemblages of shape and form, overlapped to represent the subject. Synthetic Cubist artwork took a more simplistic approach. Artists painted or pasted simple shapes onto the canvas, with fewer overlapping planes and vantage points than Analytic Cubist art.
Analytic Cubism vs. Synthetic Cubism: Materials
Analytic Cubism created a fragmentary image by breaking down an …


artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began incorporating objects like newspapers, wallpaper, matchboxes and bottle labels into their collages and sculptural pieces. Cubist collage often resembled sculpture and the movement itself ran concurrently to Dadaism.
Readymades are widely attributed to the Dadaist art movement. The term ready-made was coined in 1915 by French artist