The 5 Best Projectors For Cookie Decoration In 2021

Cookie projectors are better known as Pico projectors. These projectors are held by hand and work decently to produce smaller projections. One of the more delicate uses of these projectors is cookie decoration. Since many people don’t know what a Pico projector is and what to look for in one, they can easily be confused between which ones are good and which are bad.

Because of this reason, in today’s article, we’ll be discussing the in’s and out’s of a pico projector. We intend to let our readers know how to pick out a projector for cookie decoration.

During the search for projectors for cookie decoration, we spent over 25 hours writing, editing, and researching the facts that can differentiate the bad projectors from the good ones. We also graded each of these selection criteria on a scale of 10.

After grading the criteria, we left recommendations based on real-life use cases. These recommendations will work great for the readers as they can relate with it and find out what projector they need for their certain intentions.


How To Choose the Best Projectors For Cookie Decoration

For an optimal decision-making process, we’ve decided that the following selection criteria are the best when it comes to picking the best Projectors For Cookie Decoration

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is a picture-related term that defines the ratio of the brightest shade compared to the darkest shade the system can produce. Contrast ratio is very important while picking a projector for cookies as the slightest alteration in contrast ratio might change the overall color of the picture.

The ideal contrast ratio of a projector for cookie decoration would be 1000:1. That’s because the brighter a picture is, the more visible “gray” blacks would become. However, you also need to keep in mind that if the contrast ratio is too much then the picture would become too white.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing projectors that have contrast ratios such as 500:1 up to 2000:1.


Brightness in terms of projectors refers to how bright the projection can be. This is another important selection criteria because if the projection has low brightness it will affect the overall color and shape of the cookie decoration

Brightness is measured in Lumens. The ideal brightness for cookie decoration would be 25

Since Pico projectors are used for cookie decoration and are miniature, brightness is usually on the slightly lower side.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing projectors that have brightness ranging from 25 lumens up to 300 LED lumens.


In terms of projectors, resolution refers to the number of pixels that can be displayed within a certain amount of projection area. This is another important aspect for which you need to keep an eye out. Without a proper resolution, the projection would appear cracked and unclear.

Resolution is measured in a height x width format. The ideal resolution for cookie decoration would be 800×600. Cookies themselves are small and the projector is small too. Therefore, the resolution mentioned above would fit in perfectly.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the resolution of projectors ranging from 640 x 360 pixels up to Standard HD resolution.

Battery Life

Battery life is the most important aspect of a Pico projector after resolution and brightness. That’s because the projectors used to decorate cookies are handheld and small. They also use a battery to run. Things would be disastrous if your projector ran out of power in the middle of your presentation.

The ideal battery life of projectors for cookie decoration would be around 1 hour. Most presentation and work sessions should take about the same amount of time to finish and the user will have ample time to recharge the battery afterward.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing projectors that have battery lives ranging from 1 hour up to 6 hours.

Connection Interface

Connection interface refers to the way a projector can connect with other external devices. Without a proper connection interface your projector won’t be able to connect with other devices for importing or exporting your designs.

Both Wi-Fi and bluetooth interfaces are considered the holy grail of connection interfaces of projectors for cookie decoration. It would be best to have both of these interfaces present, but the availability of either one would also work.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of connection interfaces. Some of the connection interfaces that the projectors have are USB, BLUETOOTH, HDMI, and others.


The final selection criteria of projectors for cookie decoration is the price. We’ll be giving out the predicted price ranges of each of the recommended projectors. The prices of products fluctuate a lot.

Based on the current market, we can divide the price range into two sections,

  • Cheap –  $100<
  • Expensive – $100+

After considering and thinking through all of the criteria, we can say that the Kodak Luma 150 projector is the best projector for cookie decoration. It’s relatively small so it fits in the hand quite well, has a good configuration as well as great selection criteria scores across the board.

1. Best Projector Overall – KODAK Luma 150


Kodak Lumia 150

  • Contrast Ratio – 1000:1 – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Brightness- 60 Lumens – Our Score- 9.5/10
  • Resolution- 854 x 480 native Resolution and Supports 4K Resolution – Our Score – 9./10
  • Battery Life – 2.5 hours – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Connection Interface – USB, Bluetooth and HDMI- Our Score – 9/10
  • Price- $150 – Our Score – 9/10

The best projector overall is the Kodal Luma 150. It has some of the best configurations we’ve ever seen among Pico projectors. It also gets solid scores across all of the selection criteria available here.

The Kodak Luma has the perfect configuration in a lot of cases. For example, it has the ideal contrast ratio, resolution, and interfaces for cookie decoration. A quirky thing to mention about the resolution is that it can support 4K resolution with the help of external devices.

The battery life is massive. Users don’t have to worry about their battery running out during the cooking sessions. The control board of the projector is sleek and illuminated, so you can even operate it in the dark if any such situation arises. The built-in speakers are also some of the best we’ve seen in a Pico projector.


  • A massive battery life that won’t drain easily.
  • The projector supports up to 4K resolution with external devices.
  • The perfect contrast ratio ensures that both bright and dark areas stay balanced.
  • A high brightness level ensures perfect visibility even in daylight.


  • Without tripods, this projector needs to be wall-mounted or someone will need to hold it throughout decorating sessions.


2. Best Projector For Bakeries- AAXA Technologies Projector

aaxa technologies

  • Contrast Ratio – 2000:1 – Our Score – 9/10
  • Brightness- 25 Lumens – Our Score- 9/10
  • Resolution- 1280×720 (Standard HD resolution) – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Battery Life – 1hour 20minutes – Our Score – 9/10
  • Connection Interface – Bluetooth, USB and MicroSD connection interfaces – Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Price- $140 – Our Score – 9/10


The best projector for bakeries is undoubtedly the AAXA Technologies Projectors. This short yet powerful projector is known as pocket dynamite and rightfully so. It has nearly perfect selection criteria scores across the scoresheet.

As cookie decoration is a delicate art in itself, the projector needs to be as perfect as possible. The AAXA projector has the best brightness and resolution to decorate cookies. The resolution in particular is StandardHD resolution, so the projected visuals are clear and smooth.

The user can import/export pictures and other designs via the USB and MicroSD ports that are available. It can also be used for around 80 minutes at a stretch, that’s more than enough time for decorating a batch of cookies.


  • The massive contrast ratio ensures that the colors are balanced on the projected visuals.
  • One of the largest battery life among Pico projectors.
  • It has the best resolution among the Pico projectors on this list.
  • It has support for SRT files, so anyone can also read subtitles if the decoration instruction video has any.


  • The audio quality needs an upgrade.


3. Best projector for iPhones – Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

magnasonic led

  • Contrast Ratio – 1100:1 – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Brightness- 25 Lumens – Our Score- 9/10
  • Resolution- 640 x 360 resolution – Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Battery Life – 2 hours – Our Score – 9/10
  • Connection Interface – Bluetooth, HDMI – Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Price- $150 – Our Score – 8.5/10

Natives of the Apple ecosystem have a hard time finding the perfect projector for them when it comes to cookie decorating. This is because iPhones typically don’t have support for all types of projectors. The Magnasonic Led projector, however, is a different case.

Compared to other Pico projectors, this one has a few quirky things of its own. Most notable among them is the near-perfect contrast of this projector. Other than that, the brightness level and battery life is the best thing about this projector.

The resolution could’ve been slightly improved upon. Despite that, it’s a prime candidate for the tenants of the Apple ecosystem because of the premiums it has. The internal speakers have a very good sound quality and users can use 3.5mm headphones with it too.


  • The speakers are bass-boosted and work quite well.
  • Decent brightness and resolution allow beautiful projections.
  • The Bluetooth connection allows faster data transmission between 2 or more devices.


  • The resolution is slightly lower than recommended.


4. Best Budget Projector For Cookie Decoration- GooDee Mini Projector

  • Contrast Ratio – 500:1 – Our Score – 8/10
  • Brightness- 30 Lumens – Our Score- 9/10
  • Resolution- 480 x 400 resolution – Our Score – 8/10
  • Battery Life – 1 hours – Our Score – 8.5/10
  • Connection Interface – HDMI, USB and MicroSD – Our Score – 9/10
  • Price- $60 – Our Score – 9.5/10

The cheapest projector that we could find is the GooDee mini projector. This is a fairly decent projector that also has a fair bit of good components to it. It has good scores across our selection criteria score list and we’d recommend it to someone who’s looking for a budget option.

We would like to state upfront that this projector can’t be used in any kind of business situation or an important presentation. That’s because it has a low configuration, but if it’s bought for personal use, then it’s alright. Otherwise, you need to use it at your own risk.

Leaving that aside, this projector has a mixture of things it’s quite good at. For example, the resolution, brightness, and battery life is up to par. The connection interfaces are diversified too as HDM, USB, and MicroSD connectivity is available.


  • Very affordable price
  • Easy to use and set up as it doesn’t require any prior preparation
  • A variety of connection options including HDMI and USB


  • Not recommended for professional usage


5. Best High-End Projector For Cookie Decoration- ViewSonic M1+

  • Contrast Ratio – 1200:1 – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Brightness- 300 LED Lumens – Our Score- 9.5/10
  • Resolution- 854x480p resolution – Our Score – 9/10
  • Battery Life – 6 hours – Our Score – 9.5/10
  • Connection Interface – HDMI, USB C, USB A – Our Score – 9/10
  • Price- $290 – Our Score – 8.5/10

If you don’t mind dropping a large sum for cookie decoration then the Viewsonic M1+ is the projector for you. It has arguably some of the best components in terms of Pico projectors and the selection criteria scores speak on behalf of that claim.

Everything about this projector is nearly perfect, specifically, the contrast ratio, connection interfaces, and even the brightness. Speaking of brightness, that’s the brightest bulb I’ve seen in a Pico projector.

The battery life is massive and will serve the user for a quarter of the day on a full charge. It also has auto vertical keystone and dual Harman speakers. However, as everything’s high-end, so are its prices.


  • This projector has the most brightness in a Pico projector.
  • The ideal contrast ratio and resolution allow the projector to display clear and accurate visuals.
  • Easy to set up due to the vertical keystone.


  • Very expensive


Final Verdict

This puts an end to our guide of the best projectors for cookie decoration. Our main goal while putting together all these data was to create the perfect buying guide for buying a projector for cookie decoration.

In the first portion of the article, we put together a few points that must be followed while buying a projector for cookie decoration. We defined and explained why things such as contrast ratio, brightness, and resolution matter so much while buying a projector for cookie decoration. We also mentioned the recommended ranges for each of these criteria.

In the second phase of the article, we gave out case-based recommendations for each of the projectors. The users can read and relate to these use cases and make better decisions while buying a projector for cookie decoration.

Thanks for reading, We hope our suggestion helps you fetch your desired product.