Harlem Renaissance (Art Movement)

The Harlem Renaissance was an Art Movement in the 1920’s centered in the Manhattan, NY neighborhood of Harlem.

It’s also been referred to as the “New Negro Movement”, after the publication of the book, “The New Negro” by Alain Locke.

The book is a collection of essays by a variety of prominent African American writers of the time.  One of the major themes of Locke’s essay is to bringing Black Americans out of the mentalities created by oppressive social discrimination by pushing for self-expression and not succumbing to the judgment of society.

Harlem grew as a community of Black Americans during the post-WWI “Great Migration” of African Americans from the American South.  It would eventually became a cultural center of Black America.

The migration was also a catalyst for the new ways of thinking (i.e. the “New Negro”) because they were no longer under the boot of the Jim Crow South.



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