Mr. Michael Delahunt

Graphic Design 1 & 2

Make 3 New Versions of
Pioneer Pete"



Pioneer Pete is the mascot at Pinnacle High School. I have placed a scan of a black-line drawing of Pete on the phs-itc server.



For 100 points:


Your assignment is to make three new versions of him -- call them A, B, & C. Each version should look like it is a picture of the exact same character that you see in the black-line drawing, but he's seen in different styles and expressions. Find the specifications required for each of these versions below.


1st: : Open phs-itc > users > Assignments > Graphic Design > PHS Images to find "PioneerPete.psd"

2nd: : Open users > [year] > [your folder] and drop Pioneer Pete.psd into your pictures folder.

3rd: : Start up PhotoShop Elements. Open your copy of Pioneer Pete.

4th: : Make three new versions of Pete:

A. : : Black line with a-range-of-grays, as well as white. This is a version that would look good in a monochromatic printing. Worth 5 points.

B. : : Make Pete express himself. Write a short, funny or inspiring text for him to be saying or thinking, and surround it with a text-baloon, just as you'd see in a comic strip. Strongly change Pete's facial expression to amplify the feeling in the text. The expression in his eyes and mouth should change the most, although we must believe he is the same person! Worth 25 points.

C. : : Realistic -- close to a photo of the actual guy:

Finish before the deadline -- end of class
March 7 -- and drop a copy of your final product in the drop-box. Title a copy of each version's file as
"[your last name] . peteA [or B or C] . [period 1 or 2]"
drag and drop it into Users > Assignments > Graphic Design > drop-box.
Worth 20 points -- o
ne-fifth of the 100 points you can earn are for turning this assignment in by its deadline.







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I have taught art at three elementary schools in the Paradise Valley Unified School district (northeastern Phoenix and north Scottsdale) from 1986-. I began publishing information about my classes on the Web in 1995. I taught at Pinnacle High School during the 2001-2002 school year, and posted these lessons that year. I will maintain them as time permits.



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