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Graphic Design 1 & 2
Alter a Photo of a Family Member


Find or take a photograph of one or more of your relatives, and bring it to school, so that you can digitize it with our scanner, and then make improvements / changes to it.

Such improvements might include:

making it more respectful, or funny, etc.


The photo might be of a parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, great-uncle, great-aunt, great-great-great-great-great-great grandparent, or?


Be sure to get the cooperation / permission of any family members who might be interested in your use of the photo of your choice. This means asking for an "okay" from your mother to borrow a photo of her mother, even though she's your grandmother!

Don't bring the only photo, or a fragile photo, or an irreplaceable photo to school. Instead, bring a copy of any really precious photo, even if it's a Xerox copy.

Consider taking a picture of a picture, if it's large enough to allow you to get close enough to make it fill the viewfinder of your camera.

For a grade: Along with a printed copy of the original photo (as digitized), hand in one version that is a conservatively improved version of the photo, and a second version that is a wild or wierd one (funny, bizarre, or otherwise strange).



Having it in the classroom: Tuesday, November 6th.

Scanning it in the classroom: Friday, November 16th.

Making the final two versions and submitting them as prints, along with a print of the original photo to the teacher: Tuesday, November 27th.



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